Top Ten Amusing Anagrams of Country Names

The Top Ten Amusing Anagrams of Country Names

1 Tit Bargainer (Great Britain)

If you come here any day, don't remind us about this anagram. laugh out loud! - PositronWildhawk

Definitely the best! Laugh out loud to everyone who sees this. And if you can't... - Kiteretsunu

Couldn't stop laughing when I first read this! - Alpha101

I KNEW you could do it, old Posthing! This really is laugh out loud funny! Also love 'Erotic Video'. Very clever! Haha! - Britgirl

2 A Sectarianised Fume Tot (United States of America)

Nearly four years after making this list, we have a perfect name for the 45th President. - PositronWildhawk

3 Haircut Oafs (South Africa)
4 I Hip Nipples (Philippines)

"Yeah, nips are HIP! Oooh, HIP nips! - istooduptoabully

5 Rant Hooker (North Korea)

If making fun of North Korea, I'm in!

6 Recreate Pubic Thong of Mild Coco (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
7 Regain Ant (Argentina)

Haha very funny. But what about "Negra Tina"? It's even in Spanish! Great list! - keyson

"Negra Tina", according to Google Translate, means "Black Tub". Thanks, senor. - PositronWildhawk

8 Aura Bias Aid (Saudi Arabia)
9 Erotic Video (Cote D'ivoire)

Oh dear, what were you watching this time?

10 Acrimonies (Micronesia)

The Contenders

11 A Chin (China)
12 PanJa (Japan)

Replace the "J" with a "P". I got broads in Atlanta. I'm sorry-Vestalis

13 Angry Me (Germany)
14 It Brain (Britain)
15 Ap's In (Spain)
16 Reliand (Ireland)
17 Nacdaa ( Canada)
18 Witslernandz (Switzerland)
19 Vutula (Tuvalu)
20 Tan Wai (Taiwan)
21 Marina Son (San Marino)
22 Kinited Guidom (United Kingdom)
23 Oilman go (Mongolia)
24 Yenka (Kenya)
25 Ney Me (Yemen)
26 Air Taco (Croatia)

I was messing around on "" and I found this. - Rocko

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