Top Ten Amusing Anagrams of Everyday Phrases


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1 Hearty Chunky Ovum (Thank You Very Much)

"A hearty chunky ovum? Just what I always wanted! Thank you very much! "
"Pleasure, darling, I was born with one." - PositronWildhawk

So "thank you very much" had such a cheeky anagram. Should be careful of my other daily life phrases. - Kiteretsunu

2 A Sixth Went Inherent (When Is the Next Train?)
3 Pale Yeses (Yes Please)

Describes some of them incredibly well. Like when the doctor says you have mumps and asks you if you'd like him/her to do something about it. - PositronWildhawk

4 Oily Woolen Issue (I Will See You Soon)
5 Heavily Emit Blah (May I Have the Bill?)
6 Binges Good Ovens (Good Evening, Boss)

*Walk up to your boss and say this* - MoldySock

7 A Dreary Dick Whimper (Where Did I Park My Car?)

Ha! Funny! And very fitting. I can imagine a gentleman with a hangover who can't remember where the hecky-peck he left his car! - Britgirl

8 Witch of Humour (How Much for It?)

This sounds like the name of a fishing vessel. Home port: the little coastal village of Humour. Every day, the intrepid sailors brave the elements in their sturdy ship, the "Witch of Humour", despite their paralyzing fear of the fabled "Humidor", which prowls the coastline, stalking unsuspecting (or suspecting) fishermen as they try to bring home dinner for their starving families. - PetSounds

Sounds like a good story, PetSounds! You should write a book. Witch of Humour. How much for it? - PositronWildhawk

And what they found was a dead Humidor inside the food tank, thus filling up their stomachs and removing their fear.
(Fanfiction by Kiteretsunu.
This story is not owned by me; it belongs to its owner (PetSounds)) - Kiteretsunu

9 Footrace Fee (Tea or Coffee?)
10 Elapse Taxer (Extra Please)

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11 Woman Hitler (Mother in Law)

I recently discovered this in a dream of some sort. I woke up and suddenly discovered it. - CityGuru

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