Top Ten Amusing Anagrams of Music Artist Names

IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm NOT making fun of these singers, so fans of these singers, please don't get offended. This list is made JUST FOR FUN (key word: Just for fun)

The Top Ten Amusing Anagrams of Music Artist Names

1 A Morning Hater (Meghan Trainor)
2 Jackie-Chan Evo (Jackie Evancho)
3 I Loved A Tom (Demi Lovato)

Not sure about anywhere else but a "Tom" in England is a prostitute. - Britgirl

4 He is Not Why U Not (Whitney Houston)
5 Sick and Beardy (Andy Biersack)
6 Un-Bro Rams (Bruno Mars)
7 U Steamed Vain (Dave Mustaine)

What?! - Ananya

8 Join Camel Shack (Michael Jackson)
9 Learn Space Jary (Carly Rae Jepsen)

What's a "jary? "

10 Lex Rosa (Axl Rose)

Axl rose is also an anagram for oral sex

The Contenders

11 West Kenya (Kanye West)
12 Tickly Arse (Rick Astley)

This came to me one evening whilst messing around. I just found it so funny. Now every time Rick Astley plays on the radio myself or someone in my family will say, "Oh, here's old Tickly Arse! " - Britgirl

13 $hake (Ke$ha)
14 Zee Dl Nipple (Led Zeppelin)
15 Die Iron Man (Iron Maiden)
16 Civil E-Anal (Vanilla Ice)
17 Rahi Ann (Rihanna)
18 By Once Cart Knows Lesere (Beyonce Knowles-Carter)
19 Jibest In Uber (Justin Bieber)
20 Berried Noun (Brendon Urie)
21 Lama Jack Hi (AJ Michalka)
22 About Folly (Fall Out Boy)

There's more:
Taboo Fully
Boat Foully
Aloofly But
Aloofly Tub
Fallout Boy
Afoot Bully
A Bully Foot
A Boot Fully
A Booty Full
A Bout Folly
Flab Lot You
Flab Lout Yo
Lab Loft You
Lab Flout Yo
Lab Foul Toy
Alb Loft You
Alb Flout Yo
Alb Foul Toy
Ball Oft You
Ball Tofu Yo
Bola Flu Toy
Bola Fly Out - Fandomstuck

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