Top Ten Amusing Things the British Get Embarrassed Over

I have to admit, it took all my courage to make this list! Yes, it's true, us Brits are a reserved lot. Things which are perfectly natural in other countries make us beetroot red when we are faced with them.

The Top Ten

Admitting that we use the toilet just like everyone else

We hide toilet roll packets under our arms in supermarkets in case we bump into someone we know and reveal that we in fact do use the toilet too! - Britgirl

Heh. Yup, this list is so relatable! - SansTheComic

Oh God! Not the toilet! - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

When any part of our anatomy is brushed against a stranger in a crowd

This is horrific! Usually us Brits stand metres apart from strangers. A queue in a supermarket, etc, seems looong simply because of the distance we stand from one another. So imagine when we are forced to stand less than a metre away from a complete stranger! - Britgirl

It's okay, I haven't touched a human in 17 years next month.

This can get really awkward. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

I’m not British, but I hate when this happens. - Miauzer

Adult Brits still get embarrassed when we see a couple share a hug on TV in front of our parents

I'm not British, I'm American. But affection in front of my parents embarrasses me like crazy! (or what would they say in England? Like mad? ) - RockFashionista

VERY awkward as a child, but it doesn't get easier with age, trust me! Whew! - Britgirl

Sometimes I get a little embarrassed... But what can I say! I'm british! - IronSabbathPriest

When asked to sing

Throat freeze the moment the question has been asked. "You mean you ACTUALLY want me to sing out loud?! " - Britgirl

When asked to stand up in front of an audience or volunteer for something

Come to Britain just to see a room full of "Brave Brits" shrink into their seats at the prospect of being asked to do this. It's really quite something to see. - Britgirl

When we have to sing Happy Birthday

Unless we're drunk. That is and then we even get the words wrong. But start this song as sober as a judge then we are barely audible. No Brit likes to be the first to start this song for fear that other's won't join in. - Britgirl

When we are encouraged to stand up or volunteer for something

Nooo... Resulting in sweaty palms, nervous giggles and squeaky voices. Dreadful! - Britgirl

Being offered a seat by an elderly person

I'm just too polite to let this atrocity happen. When I'm old, I'll hit people with my cane to get them out of their seats! And apologise heavily the moment I sit down. - PositronWildhawk

Dear Britgirl,

I would of course stand because if they break a body part, guess whose going to jail? But if they have Avery strong cane/walker/wheelchair, then I would take the seat.

It depends how old I am at the time. Caught you out there didn't I?. - IronSabbathPriest

What a perdicament! Do we take the seat and make the nice elderly person stand, knowing their hip could shatter as the stand for you OR refuse and appear snobbish? You tell me; what would YOU do? - Britgirl

Not know whether to kiss, handshake, hug, or fist bump when greeting someone we haven't seen in ages and ending up clumsily doing all four at the same time

yes. - SansTheComic

When someone laughs at you when making a fool of yourself in public

Very embarrassing, you feel like an idiot.

The Contenders

When adults talk about sex-ed. with children
When someone next to you is in trouble

So Awkward! Like what do you do?

yes! - SansTheComic

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