Most Amusing Things to Do to Break the Boredom in a Long Post Office Queue

What would you do if you had the nerve? As bizarre and crazy suggestions as you like. Absolutely anything goes. Well... what're you waiting for? Go!
The Top Ten
1 Cluck loudly in the person's ear in front of you

BoCK bOKc.
Shouting bock loudly and annoyingly in different ways.

I can only imagine the reaction.

2 Ask a passer-by to play 'I Spy'
3 Suddenly do an Irish jig, on your own, all by yourself, with nobody with you

Dance like no one's watching, let everything swing and sway.

4 Sing, 'I Know a Song That'll Get on Your Nerves'

Loudly, please. You want those at the back to hear you, don't you?

I love doing this. It seriously annoys almost everyone.

I don't know this song but I know its gonna be good.

5 Tap the shoulder of the bod in front; when they turn round, stare and grin at them for a few seconds but don't follow it up

This would be so damn funny to see. They'd wonder what the hell you were grinning about. It would give them a complex and it would break your boredom. Britgirl you are one seriously great person to have around. Brilliant!

Oh my gosh yes lol This would make them want to leave immediately.

This would freak 'em out.

6 Say loudly to the person behind, 'Are you looking at my bum?'

I've always wanted to do this but never had the nerve.

7 Start an argument with your invisible friend

I've seen people doing this; it's all very weird. I am occasionally tempted to pick an argument with THEIR invisible friend, but have never done so. I guess I'd need to know (or guess accurately) what the invisible guy is saying.

You would sound nuttier than a squirrel's erucation but it would be worth it!

This would be so annoying to others!

8 Say loudly, 'Please go to position 4'

50 times would be so annoying.

9 Blow an airhorn behind people

HAHA! Yes! Would love to see the reaction of this. Definitely worth getting a smack for! Haha!

Please don't make my ears bleed.

10 Pretend to sneeze but do it very loudly and very suddenly

Laugh out loud! This would be really funny to see.

That would make them jump!

The Contenders
11 Pull out a Gameboy and start playing Pokemon with full volume

Me: Yay a oil blob.
One thousand miles away..
Divinity ll: COPIER!
Person behind me: Turn off your gameboy or lower the volume.
Me: Go die

I would do that

12 Loosely attach earphones to your phone and play music aloud, just having the earphones in and acting like they can't hear the music

That would be funny. If I did this, I don't whether or not I'd be able to keep the laughter down. - PositronWildhawk

13 Say to anyone who's listening, 'After this long wait, the ride had better be worth it!'

I'd like to thank the nice gentleman I met last year for giving me the idea for this one. We were shoulder to shoulder, on a hot South Bank at the Mayor's Festival in London. And instead of huffing out more hot air, he turned to me and said the item on this list. Thank you, Sir. I haven't forgotten you. - Britgirl

14 Play where's the rat or spider

If ya get what I mean! - Curti2594

15 Tickle the person you're with
16 Start talking to yourself
17 Start singing 'I'm a Crazy Weirdo and I'm Calling You' really loudly

I do this all the time, and it's fun and amusing.

18 Try gymnastics anywhere - try out a cartwheel, attempt a backwards roll or fail at a flip
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