Best Amy Macdonald Songs

Best songs by the young female British singer/songwriter Amy Macdonald, born in 1987 in Bishopbriggs, East Dunbartonshire, Scotland.

She had her debut UK hit in 2007 and has a beautiful contralto singing voice (the lowest type of female voice).

The Top Ten

1 This Is the Life This Is the Life

Her 2nd single and first major hit, a nice up-lifting acoustic guitar-sounding number and again great vocals.
Have a listen below and check out the video online.


2 Don't Tell Me That It's Over

From her 2nd album 'A Curious Thing', it showcases a new heavier rockier sound, with great vocals, I like the build up at the start of the song. 2010.

3 Mr. Rock & Roll Mr. Rock & Roll

Taken from her debut album 'This Is The Life', which sold more than 3 million copies mainly in Europe. This catchy song showcases her great, unique vocal sound and talented guitar playing.

It reached No12 in the UK Charts and is about a man and women who could have got together when they were younger.

4 Run Run

Another great poppy-acoustic guitar sound song, like Mr. Rock 'n' Roll and This Is The Life.

5 Pride Pride

A softer sounding acoustic track from her 2012 album 'Life In A Beautiful Light', the music video is beautiful as is Amy Macdonald and so is the song, love the sunset.

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6 Slow It Down Slow It Down

From 2012's Life In A Beautiful Light. Video features a beautiful sunset.

This is a great song packed with so much meanig and potental it's a pit amy is not more well known

7 This Pretty Face

A song about modern celebrity culture, the video is set in a supermarket. Has a folk sound/infulence.

8 Love Love

Another great more upbeat poppier tracks from Amy, quite catchy too.

9 Footballer's Wife Footballer's Wife V 1 Comment
10 Spark

The Contenders

11 Let's Start a Band Let's Start a Band

Among the best in the album. Great build up to the end.

Song from her first album "This is the life"

12 Poison Prince Poison Prince

Her first single in 2007, great upbeat Alternative Rock song and strong vocals. Check out Mr. Rock 'n' Roll and her debut album 'This Is The Life'.

13 An Ordinary Life

The underrated track from A Curious Thing

It s great song about not to be famous and have a normal life

14 4th of July 4th of July

2012 track about the changing of the seasons.

15 Wish for Something More Wish for Something More
16 The Days of Being Young and Free The Days of Being Young and Free
17 Barrowland Ballroom Barrowland Ballroom
18 Youth of Today Youth of Today
19 L.A. L.A.
20 No Roots
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