Top 10 Anagrams of Japanese Rock Bands


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1 Gain Schoolboys Bond (Abingdon Boys School)
2 Inline Ace (Alice Nine)
3 Mazer Ice Mil (Malice Mizer)
4 Dour Dolt Raid Oversight (Dio - Distraught Overlord)
5 A Sabered Crust (Beat Crusaders)
6 Wealthiness Couch Lot (Nico Touches The Walls)
7 Chinked Aura Rag (Guardian Hacker)
8 Infinity Soda (Do As Infinity )
9 Chalked Racy Crib (Acid Black Cherry)
10 Doubt Violins (Oblivion Dust)
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1. Gain Schoolboys Bond (Abingdon Boys School)
2. Inline Ace (Alice Nine)
3. Mazer Ice Mil (Malice Mizer)


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