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1 Stoned Pus (PetSounds)

I wonder what Brian Wilson would think of this. Chances are he'd laugh. Great list, PositronWildhawk! - PetSounds

Stoned Pus... Makes sense

I can Make it Better. It Should Be Set Pounds - kormo

Haha! STONED PUS! Oh poor PetSounds... You stoned pus, you! Haha!
*snort* - Britgirl

2 Withdraw Snoop Ilk (PositronWildhawk)

I truly find this amusing. No lies.
Apologies to Britgirl for there wasn't an anagram of your username. - PositronWildhawk

It la like everyone gets involved with lists like these but me - SuperHyperman

3 A Grimy Tux (MatrixGuy)
4 My Sod Lock (MoldySock)

Not quite sure what this actually means. But I'm certain it's hilarious. - PositronWildhawk

5 A Forbidden Wormhole Menu (BlueDiamondFromNowhere)

Come on, people, this one's brilliant! - PositronWildhawk

It's the best one. - PizzaGuy

6 No Keys (keyson)

Cool! I've never even thought of it as an a anagram! Amazing list, Positron! - keyson

As usual, brilliant list, Positron! - Kiteretsunu

I actually laughed for this one! That's quite ironic if you think about it. - NerdyPweeps

I love "No Keys" Keyson! - Britgirl

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7 A Bewildered Homo Nun Form (BlueDiamondFromNowhere)

This is the best one. - Garythesnail

8 Monarchist Limo (SmoothCriminal)
9 Elder Yam (emraldYE)

This is just plain stupid...

10 Vile Angle (EvilAngel)


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11 Tailwind Workshop (PositronWildhawk)

This is one of my favorite lists!

12 Prof. Pis Amputees (MasterOfPuppies)

"MasterOfPuppies" is in itself amusing, but not quite like its anagram! - PositronWildhawk

13 Spud Tones (PetSounds)

I just looked back on this list. Certainly didn't expect to see this! Spud Tones… ha! - PetSounds

14 I stir ham DNA (DatIrishman)

This genuinely made me laugh. - Cyri

Wether it has DNA or not, I stir it. - DatIrishman

This one is actually brilliant. - PositronWildhawk

I stir ham DNA. Brilliant! - Pug

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15 Car Aches (ArchAces)
16 Lurky Mat Suey (Turkeyasylum)
17 Bright sob sucker (BigBrotherSucks)
18 Jackpot Sonnet (TopTenJackson)
19 Crack Lover's In R (RiverClanRocks)

This sounds like the name of a metal band. - RiverClanRocks

Oh, RCR, you definitely need to see this! - PositronWildhawk

20 Ha Pal (Alpha101)
21 It's True Nuke (Kiteretsunu)
22 My Star Apa (ArpstaAmy333)
23 Venial Leg (EvilAngel)

What about "Vile Angle"? - EvilAngel

24 Curd Elk (dureckl)
25 A Pug (Puga)

Genius - Lunala

26 Toil Flaw (Wolftail)
27 Start Rickpa (PatrickStar)
28 Tell Via Cable (VelitelCabal)

It seems weird...

29 LOL Crap Stew (SpectralOwl)

Best item! This list is so hilarious!

30 Gritbirl (Britgirl)

What do you think Tina - Userguy44

31 Slugrimic (MusicGirl)
32 Mould Moon and Fire Hebrew (BlueDiamondFromNowhere)
33 Legal Vine (EvilAngel)
34 Bleachy Pats (PeachyBlast)
35 Chris Sarkmon (CrimsonShark)

Imagine if that were his real name. That would make this username all the more clever!

36 Beaters Ell (LetsBeReal)
37 Firearm I My (IaMayMrFire)
38 Reunite Tusk (Kiteretsunu)
39 2594Curti (Curti2594)
40 Hi Sez The Ora (HezarioSeth)
41 Eve Anglil (EvilAngel)
42 Gup (Pug)
43 Rat hen mints tee (ethanmeinster)
44 Scar Chea (ArchAces)
45 Their Fast Sonic (FasterThanSonic)

Was The A Transformed Into I? - Devonchi

46 Silver Zen Ads (SevenLizards)
47 Songwe
48 Roebucks Brights (BigBrotherSucks)
49 Elegant Urethral (Eternal_Laughter)
50 Loaf Wilt (Wolftail)
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1. Stoned Pus (PetSounds)
2. Withdraw Snoop Ilk (PositronWildhawk)
3. A Grimy Tux (MatrixGuy)
1. A Forbidden Wormhole Menu (BlueDiamondFromNowhere)
2. Stoned Pus (PetSounds)
3. A Bewildered Homo Nun Form (BlueDiamondFromNowhere)
1. A Forbidden Wormhole Menu (BlueDiamondFromNowhere)
2. I stir ham DNA (DatIrishman)
3. LOL Crap Stew (SpectralOwl)

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