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21 Comanche V 1 Comment
22 Asyrians
23 Aztecs
24 Trojans

What super cool ten years of war with greek be caused of women and they lost and they went to Italy and from there created Italy the lan of veal they call it

My favorite condom... Oh wait ya'll mean the guys that fell for that dumb horse trick? Laugh out loud yeah

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25 Mauryans

Who defeated the mighty Greeks? MAuryans.
The greatest emperor AShoka was from their blood. MAuryan stories are recounted across the world. China, Korea, Japan and Lanka all have their cultures because of them. They need to be III in the list. - smiteria

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26 Babylonians
27 Janissaries

Became the world's best cavalry of the day.

Turks are always good at battle.

28 Kshatriya

One of the warrior caste of Ancient India..

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29 Greeks
30 Mactan Warriors
31 Rajputs

A proud culture featuring advanced weapons and tactics (including elephants for tanks and personnel carriers), defeated Alexander, costing him his empire.

They fought the mughals for the greatest andongest time period.

32 Persians

They were not fearsome at all... They relied heavily on overwhelming the enemy and had a lot of poorly trained soldiers.

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33 Muslim Warriors

They ruled the world over almost 1000 years. They are best and most powerful warriors in the history of world.

These idiots can't even rule a speck of dust let alone control the world.

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34 Teutonic Knights

Underrated knights that were incredible fighters.

35 Carthaginian
36 Isrealites

All these guys ever do is fight. For thousands of years, They kinda have to, doesn't make them the best though

37 Redcoats
38 Visigoths
39 Ostrogoths
40 Mohawks

They ate their own dead warriors after battle. Used to scare everyone.

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