Top Ten Andi Mack Characters Who Should Get Their Own Series

The Top Ten

TJ Kippen

If he were the main character we would get more Tyrus and more of his backstory.

Cyrus Goodman
Buffy Driscoll
Bex Mack

In his series he is an undercover teenage spy while also living a normal middle school life. He has a fat ass crush on Buffy and co-works with TJ who is a spy as well, who has a fat ass crush on Cyrus.

Ham Mack

Oh hell no! This jackass should never get a spinoff because his actor did horrible things! - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

He shouldn't because of his horrible actor.

Bowie Quinn
Celia Mack
Walker Brodsky

The Contenders

Jonah Beck

Totally! We would get to see her point of being deaf.

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