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Andi Mack first aired on April 7, 2017. It features mature contents, likable characters, and amazing plotlines.

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1 Andi Mack Andi Mack

Why is she even on this list? I mean, Jonah Beck has a girlfriend, who he met before her, so why does she have to whine and cry every time she sees Amber with Jonah and then steal him away from her?

Why the heck is this boyfriend stealing witch at the top of the list? Amber was mean, but that doesn't mean Andi can steal her boyfriend like that.

The entire show is bad

I Just don't like her, she is so annoying and thinks that all the world turn about her and her ego she is the worst character with jonah and Jandi is the worst ship - mazigh

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2 Buffy Driscoll

I love her she is so cool and nice to her friends ans she just wants to be strong and she is strong - mazigh

3 Cyrus Goodman

The best character so far, he is so cute, funny and in my opinion he deserves the world and guy who isn't selfish like jonah and who can like him and it definitely not Jonah I hate Jyrus and I think that Tj will make a perfect boyfriend for him #CyrusDeservsBetter #Tyrus - mazigh

4 Bex Mack

Just, in my opinion, the best character

She is super cool and I love her, and I'm sure that Bexie will be engaged and endgame at the end of the season 2 - mazigh

5 TJ Kippen

The bad guy, he is bad to everyone except Cyrus and even he was a little wicked in the episode 2.17 he felt bad about that and he didn't want to tell buffy about what cyrus told him so I'm hoping that they will be more #Tyrus - mazigh

6 Jonah Beck Jonah Beck

I like him because he dumped Andi.

I loved the way he smiled when Andi was sad in "We Were Never".

Actually, he sucks. He dumped Amber for that Andi bitch and likely dumped Andi for Natalie (sweet karma),

The worst character so far I don't understand why he is in the top 5 he dosen't deseve to be, the only thing that this bitch deservs is to be lonley - mazigh

7 Marty (from the party)

I don't have an opinion about him I just ship him with buffy - mazigh

8 Celia Mack

I don't like her - mazigh

9 Bowie
10 Amber

I felt sorry for Amber when Jonah dumped her for Andi, but at least he dumped Andi for Natalie, proving that karma does exist after all. I can't believe Amber is still nice to Andi.

Everyone acts like she's despicable, but the real despicable one here is Andi, who stole Jonah away from her.

She's a much better character than Andi. She should have been the main character.

Deserves to be more higher in the list she is much better than andi and jonah and I loved her sice the first scene and I love mean girls - mazigh

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11 Ham Mack

I love him he is so cool and great with everyone - mazigh

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