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Andi Mack first aired on April 7, 2017. It features mature contents, likable characters, and amazing plotlines.

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1 Cyrus Goodman

And I is disrespectful, Buffy is just plain rude in making people choose, Jonah is ignorant, although I do like Amber and TJ. BUT CYRUS IS KIND AND OPEN-MINDED AND JUST PLAIN ADORABLE.

He is so cute! He is always so dorky and flustered but gets along with everyone and is just amazing. I ship him with TJ so much and I hope they get together at the end of the series!

The only thing I don't like about him is his annoying British accent (see the season 3 premiere) but other than that he rocks!

He's cute and has a good British accent! (See the season 3 premieres and you will know what I'm talking about)

2 TJ Kippen

I want him to wear a formal suit and act like a gentleman to Cyrus!

He is a hot-headed, stubborn, independent, masculine, impatient, boisterous, handsome young man with a soft heart inside for Cyrus!

Well all used to hate him but I can't believe how much he has developed to a generic bully to a lovable bean! With the help of Cyrus he became more sympathetic and guilty of his actions making him very eager to make up with Buffy and they did! I can't wait for season 3 and hope TJ dosen't let that blondie steal his muffin man!

The bad guy, he is bad to everyone except Cyrus and even he was a little wicked in the episode 2.17 he felt bad about that and he didn't want to tell buffy about what cyrus told him so I'm hoping that they will be more #Tyrus - mazigh

3 Buffy Driscoll

I love her because she's a strong-willed tomboy who doesn't need to prove that shes better than the boys cause she already is.

She's super mean. Has anyone seen "Crime Scene: Andi Shack"?

I love her she is so cool and nice to her friends ans she just wants to be strong and she is strong - mazigh

4 Andi Mack

Why is she even on this list? I mean, Jonah Beck has a girlfriend, who he met before her, so why does she have to whine and cry every time she sees Amber with Jonah and then steal him away from her?

Why the heck is this boyfriend stealing witch at the top of the list? Amber was mean, but that doesn't mean Andi can steal her boyfriend like that.

Recently in season 3 she has been growing on me. She isn't as bratty as she was in late season 2 and early season 3.

She is very annoying. She constantly disrespects authority and adults. She thinks everything is about her.

5 Bex Mack

Just, in my opinion, the best character

She is super cool and I love her, and I'm sure that Bexie will be engaged and endgame at the end of the season 2 - mazigh

I think that Bex is cool, but she isn’t really a good mother. Sometimes she lets Andi walk all over her. Bex doesn’t lay down the law and allows Andi to be disrespectful. But I think that ever since Andi discovered that Bex was her mom, she thought that she should act like her and be adventurous and “cool”. But Andi ended up being rude, bratty, and disrespectful.

6 Jonah Beck

He is a good kid he is nice and not mean to people he is the awesome and cool?

I like him because he dumped Andi.

I don't know why everyone has a crush on him. He's boring, unfunny, and extremely petty. While I do feel bad that he has panic attacks he really only gets them because of his jealousy towards Andi which makes no sense. He treated her like crap and now he's crushing on her, bull! He treats everyone else good (which is why I ship Jyrus) but I have no idea why he is so inconsiderate with Andi!

I loved the way he smiled when Andi was sad in "We Were Never".

7 Amber

I really want her to marry Andi and adopt a lot of babies with her.

I felt sorry for Amber when Jonah dumped her for Andi, but at least he dumped Andi for Natalie, proving that karma does exist after all. I can't believe Amber is still nice to Andi.

Everyone acts like she's despicable, but the real despicable one here is Andi, who stole Jonah away from her.

She's a much better character than Andi. She should have been the main character.

8 Bowie

This guy is awesome! How he not at least in top 5?

9 Celia Mack

I don't like her - mazigh

I like her now. She's funnier and isn't mean to Bex no more.

10 Marty (from the party)

I don't have an opinion about him I just ship him with buffy - mazigh

He is really funny

Really annoying

The Contenders

11 Libby

Shes really sweet! I think its cool that they have a deaf actor playing a character.

12 Ham Mack

I love him he is so cool and great with everyone - mazigh

Underrated. Needs more love.

13 Walker Brodsky

He is very respectful and patient and is a way better boyfriend for Andi than Jonah.

14 Reed

He better not steal Cyrus from TJ!

15 Miranda
16 Brittany

She's kind of a brat but she's really cute.

17 Natalie

Better than Andi.

Not self absorbed like Andi.

She’s awesome!

18 Pat Driscoll

I salute you ma’am! Than you for serving in the military!

19 Gus

He's awkward and cute and I think he's gay.

20 Buffy's Mom
21 Aunt Mei
22 Morgan
23 Cookie Quinn
24 Shawn
25 Principal Metclaf

He's really funny.

26 Lester
27 Ronald
28 Jonah
29 Nicky the Mailman
30 Kira
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