Top Ten Best Andi Mack Ships

Romantic and Platonic relationships can be included.

The Top Ten

Tyrus (TJ x Cyrus)

The best!

Bexie (Bowie x Bex)
Ambi (Andi x Amber)

They are super cute together. OTP

Muffy (Marty x Buffy)

They look so cute together!

Jyrus (Jonah x Cyrus)
Hamcelia (Ham x Celia)
Juffy (Buffy x Jonah)

I hope this actually happens - AwesomeJawson

Byrus (Buffy x Cyrus)
Jandi (Jonah x Andi)

Ah come on guys. Just because it was toxic and annoying in earlier seasons doesn't mean it can never be an amazing couple when they are older.

Hell no.

Jibby (Jonah x Libby)

The Contenders

Leed (Reed x Lester)
Wandi (Walker x Andi)

They were such a cute couple

Bandi (Buffy x Andi)
Tuffy (TJ x Buffy)
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