Top Ten Andrew Lloyd Webber Musicals

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1 The Phantom of the Opera

It's the best play because I'm always right

Amazing. Full with tunes that stay with you for the rest of your life.

Best most romantic musical ever! Never get rid of this musical!

Best musical ever, love every song and most romantic love story. Never take this musical away.

2 Jesus Christ Superstar

I loved the live in concert one on Easter I watched it was amazing - LiamMurphy

My brother's high school did this play when he was a Junior in high school (he's a Junior in college now), and ever since I've seen that play in his high school, I've had the same 3 words stuck in my head...

"Jesus Christ! Superstar! " - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

A lesser-known fact is that Ian Gillan of Deep Purple first performed the role of Jesus Christ on the audio album and Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote it for Gillan's voice. Director Norman Jewison wanted Ian Gillan to reprise the role for the film but Gillan turned down the offer because he was busy touring with Deep Purple. So Jewison hired Ted Neeley for the role and the film was released in 1973. - Metal_Treasure

3 Cats

This truly is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s magnum opus.

I went to see this once it was the best thing ever

Sam is amazing

it's a cat

4 Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

I've seen this live three times. My favourite song has always been the Pharaoh's Elvis parody.

"Well I was walkin' along the banks of the Nile..." - PetSounds

I was in a play of this

5 Evita

Beautiful - the music is really well written and is by far his best

Best music by far

6 Aspects of Love
7 Love Never Dies

Incredible musical. It was compared too much with The phantom of the Opera. No one really gave it a chance, which is such a shame - Britgirl

8 Song and Dance
9 Tell Me On a Sunday
10 Sunset Boulevard

Hauntingly beautiful music. Glenn Close's voice is perfect for the phenomenal score

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11 School Of Rock
12 The Woman In White
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