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1 Baker Reynolds ATL Black/Gold

It is original and is awesome to get and skate with. - bakerman13

I love this deck. I want to get someday - bakerman13

2 Baker Andrew Reynolds Icon Navy

I have this one and I tell you. Tricks are easier. So much pop. Its amazing. GET ITT! - bakerman13

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3 Baker Andrew Reynolds AR Blue

I love the blue background with the AR in it. It is classic and will be one of the best always - bakerman13

4 Baker Reynolds Logo Blue/Orange

It easy to say that this Reynolds deck is awesome and I love its design. - bakerman13

5 Baker Andrew Reynolds Logo Blue / Orange / Green
6 Baker Andrew Reynolds Puppets

It's a "HaHa" deck and people will praise you if you have it. - bakerman13

7 Baker Andrew Reynolds Wazzup Red

Its got a sick graphic and cool to have with sick bones wheels and independent reynolds trucks - bakerman13

8 Baker Chop Shop

Not a full Andrew Reynolds deck but still has his signature A in it - bakerman13

9 Baker Andrew Reynolds Deep Cuts

Sick looking deck but not my style - bakerman13

10 Baker Andrew Reynolds Crime
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1. Baker Reynolds ATL Black/Gold
2. Baker Andrew Reynolds Icon Navy
3. Baker Andrew Reynolds AR Blue



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