Top 10 Best Android Cricket Games

For all the cricket fans, here is the good news, which would take you to cloud nine. They now have the reason to celebrate and enjoy the cricket season with their Android smartphones. Well, without wasting your time in reading the article, we would now break the suspense by introducing top 5 cricket games for smartphone users to keep the cricket fever on. With the range of cricket games mentioned below you can experience the gaming fun along with the cricket passion.

The Top Ten

IPL Cricket Lite HD

Good game in this world

Cricket is my love

Very good it is


ICC PRO Cricket 2015

This mobile game is the official ICC World Cup game created and launched by India based Android game development company having supported by Android version 4.0 and above. With amazing features like gameplay cameras, intuitive batting and bowling controls, it offers you immersive and unmatched gaming experience. But the surprising fact is, it has been licensed by ICC Cricket World Cup, so unlike earlier, you can now actually play as any of your favorite player of your team.

mobile s6s

Beast forever

World Cricket Championship 2

It has best graphics for player and stadium. It has DRS. It has test match and many tournament. It is the best cricket game I have ever played.

I play this game everyday because it attract all the cricket fans. It had good graphics and control

Nice game with a very good experience of Test formay, 50 overs format, 20 overs format, and other general formats as well.

The number one game I have played in life is wcc2 this is best game in world please make wcc3 for us

World Cricket Championship

The game called World Cricket Championship will test your playing skills when you compete with the best teams around the world. You need the mobile operating system version 2.3 and above to get the world class gaming experience through this exciting cricket game. You can make your team the next cricket champions of the world by winning the quarter-final, semi-finals and finals.

I love this game I wanted new version of it

It is very good cricket game for android

I love this game very much so beautiful

Real Cricket 14

Real cricket is a mobile game supported by version 4.0 and above. With attractive animations and 2D art style, this compelling game has won the heart of millions of game lovers since its launch. It is been updated for keeping up the cricket fever in 2015. The controls of the game offers unique gaming experience while batting and bowling with the virtual buttons. Download the game from Google play store and take your gaming passion to new heights.

This is very good graphic game

Real Cricket 18

This game is having more graphics than other games and live experience

This game is very good

I love real cricket

This game is best

Cricket T20 Fever 3D

This smartphone game was launched few months back, which is supported by operating system version 2.3 and above. With this game, you can experience the T20 cricket game as well as other tournaments in your smartphone device itself. Gaming will now be more exciting as you can play this game in 3D with your smartphone.

New Star Cricket

Very good game

Cricket Career 2016

Its one of the best games I have ever played on my android...should be in no.2 or 3 in the list

Cricket Champs

It is a game about worldcup

The Contenders

Beach Cricket

Have you played cricket at the beach? No, here is the game offering great experience of playing cricket at the beach. We are sure, this game, supported on operating system version 2.3 and above, would completely amaze you with its features and functionalities. Heavy sand and wind are the challenges, which make players excited for their favorite game.

World T20 Cricket Games
Sachin Saga Cricket Game

It has a very good graphic quality.
I really enjoyed playing those some of the special innings of the God of Cricket.


Real Cricket 19

You are such mad people to keep it on 21. You should have kept it on 2 or 1, and you shouldn't have kept it on 21!

Best game ever

World Cup Fever
Super Cricket 2
Big Bash League

It is a good league

Stick Cricket 2
Epic Cricket
Cricket Mom

He is best game ever

Stick Cricket Super League

It is a very good league game

Wicket Cricket Super League
Real Cricket 17
Cricket WorldCup Fever

This is great game below 10MB

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