Top Ten Best Android Strategy Games


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1 Clash Of Clans

Best strategy game ever!

The most addictive game ever. if you upgrade to th5 you will stick to your android

Awesome game very addictive u must try it

Yea its life

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2 Plant VS Zombies

I'm sorry, but it's better than COC ( I played COC 4 months) in my humble opinion. And I destroyed boss two times

This game will top the list if ending strategy games,because this game has an end,like with a boss fight,and don't forget to check out its second part.. - glambert

3 Clash Of Lords 2

Some say its just a copy of clash of clans,but I say at some angles its even better than COC,it has a more user interactive setup,this game will keep you into it more than any around here.. - glambert

4 Five Nights At Freddy's

Ah maybe you all will hate me me for putting it down here,well it's a good game but,its still boring after a while. - glambert

5 Game Of War :Fire Age

Latest studies showed that,this game beat COC in terms of no: players playing this game,but still not better than it,but still worth it for those who needs a change. - glambert

6 Castle Clash

The more realistic version of COC - glambert

7 Boom Beach

The different game from supercells.. - glambert

no dude

It is better then COC. I don't think that COC is really a strategy game

8 Hayday

Made for players who needs a fresh and calm atmosphere rather than a violent atmosphere created by most other games in this category. - glambert

9 Clash Royale

I will spawn a skeleton army to kill you.

Best Branded Smooth Games

10 Rusted Warfare

The Contenders

11 Plague Inc.
12 Kingdom Rush
13 3D Chess Game
14 Bloons TD 5
15 Clash Of Kings

It is better than coc

16 Age Of Sparta
17 Battle Alert: War of Tanks
18 Magic Rush
19 Pixel Gun 3D

Best game ever

20 Clash of Lords
21 Color Switch
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