Top Ten Best Android Strategy Games


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1 Clash Of Clans

The most addictive game ever. if you upgrade to th5 you will stick to your android

Billions of players around the world consider this game as part of their life,the most frequently asked questions now around is: hey what level are you in COC? ,send me your hash that,its not a game,its life... - glambert

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2 Plant VS Zombies

This game will top the list if ending strategy games,because this game has an end,like with a boss fight,and don't forget to check out its second part.. - glambert

3 Clash Of Lords 2

Some say its just a copy of clash of clans,but I say at some angles its even better than COC,it has a more user interactive setup,this game will keep you into it more than any around here.. - glambert

4 Five Nights At Freddy's

Ah maybe you all will hate me me for putting it down here,well it's a good game but,its still boring after a while. - glambert

5 Game Of War :Fire Age

Latest studies showed that,this game beat COC in terms of no: players playing this game,but still not better than it,but still worth it for those who needs a change. - glambert

6 Castle Clash

The more realistic version of COC - glambert

7 Boom Beach

It is better then COC. I don't think that COC is really a strategy game

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8 Hayday

Made for players who needs a fresh and calm atmosphere rather than a violent atmosphere created by most other games in this category. - glambert

9 Clash Royale

I will spawn a skeleton army to kill you.

Best Branded Smooth Games

10 Rusted Warfare

The Contenders

11 Plague Inc.
12 Kingdom Rush
13 3D Chess Game
14 Bloons TD 5
15 Clash Of Kings

It is better than coc

16 Age Of Sparta
17 Battle Alert: War of Tanks
18 Magic Rush
19 Pixel Gun 3D

Best game ever

20 Clash of Lords
21 Color Switch
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