Greatest Andy Gibb Songs

A tribute to one of my favorite singers of all time. We really miss you Andy. Rest in peace.

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1 I Just Want to Be Your Everything

Andy Gibb should be with his brothers the Bee Gees on the top #10. Andy was a awesome artists and his music is out of this world. Andy needs to be recognize for all of his talents in his life.

I just love this song and it is one my favorite songs Andy Gibb sang! He was a very awesome singer and of course good looking. Andy Gibb will never be forgotten.

I just love this song and Andy Gibb sing so awesome! This is my favorite song but I love all of Andy Gibb music.

You have to just love this song Andy Gibb sings!

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2 An Everlasting Love

Brings tears to my eyes.

3 Desire

This is a great song off the AFTER DARK cd Andy knew how to put on one HELL of a SHOW, I will MISS ANDY forever

4 (Our Love) Don't Throw It Away
5 Shadow Dancing
6 Man On Fire
7 Words and Music
8 Starlight
9 Me (Without You)

I love this song! I love Andy forever!

I love you Andy Gibb!

10 I Can't Help It

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11 (Love Is) Thicker Than Water
12 Good Feeling
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1. I Just Want to Be Your Everything
2. An Everlasting Love
3. Shadow Dancing



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