Greatest Andy Gibb Songs

A tribute to one of my favorite singers of all time. We really miss you Andy. Rest in peace.

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1 I Just Want to Be Your Everything

Andy Gibb should be with his brothers the Bee Gees on the top #10. Andy was a awesome artists and his music is out of this world. Andy needs to be recognize for all of his talents in his life.

I just love this song and it is one my favorite songs Andy Gibb sang! He was a very awesome singer and of course good looking. Andy Gibb will never be forgotten.

Andy Gibb was a good looking guy and very talented! It is so sad Andy Gibb life was cut to short. But he left us with some amazing music that will last for ever. But Andy Gibb will never be forgotten that he will always be in our hearts.

Just love this song!

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2 Desire

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The most gorgeous and beautiful voice of all the Gibb family, handsome, charms, talented, lovely, nice, good looking, he had all the world for himself, but the life had another way for him. Give the world beautiful and few songs, but enough for all his fans, wonderful things comes in small quantities, so his songs aren't much but are the best cause he was special and excellent. Much love for Andy, from the bottom of my heart always I will be His DESIRE.

A beautiful young man that went very soon but gave us beautiful songs, many written by him. A beautiful style of singing, you can listen to his songs, and always sounds modern. I will always LOVE ANDY

Love of my Desire

Love his singing

This is a great song off the AFTER DARK cd Andy knew how to put on one HELL of a SHOW, I will MISS ANDY forever

3 An Everlasting Love

Brings tears to my eyes.

4 Shadow Dancing

This is the bomb

5 (Our Love) Don't Throw It Away

He sang this one at six flags when I was younger and it was like he was singing it to just me he looked at me almost til the so g was over loved him them and now

My favorite, bar none!

6 Man On Fire
7 Words and Music
8 Starlight

Wonderful music!

9 I Can't Help It
10 Good Feeling

What a great track. I Remember when I first heard it, when I was given a lend of the Lp by a friend of my sister (Who since died at a very young age too) not long after it's release, It just blow me away. The way the song just bursts open with those fabulous voices and the lovely lyrics, sung so sweetly by young Andy. Always gives me a good feeling 😉

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11 (Love Is) Thicker Than Water
12 Me (Without You)

I love this song! I love Andy forever!

I love you Andy Gibb!

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