Best Aneka Songs

Aneka is an 80's female singer who became better known in 2002 when her biggest hit (Japanese Boy) was included in the game Flash Fm VC. And here you have the first list of Aneka's best songs of all time!
The Top Ten
1 Ooh Shooby Doo Doo Lang Ooh Shooby Doo Doo Lang Cover Art

Woah, I listened this song and it felts like a unique thing! could be even a bit better than Japanese Boy but I'm not so sure at all.

What a rare but absolutely catchy song even if the beat is so annoying but relaxing too.

I love the weirdness puted on this song, what an unique efforts by aneka, this was real music back in then.

Weirdest but best of her songs to.

2 Japanese Boy Japanese Boy Cover Art

One of the worst songs on Grand Theft Auto Vice City but is probably one of the top 3 best songs by Aneka even if the song is so horrible.

¬°God yes! I've looking to this song's name.
But speaking serious, this is best of all of -
Aneka's songs ever realised on... This song is certainly catchy & is one of those noisy but genius songs (Not based; Lyrical context)

This is her most famous song, what's wrong with you to not vote it?

One of the best Anti-Japanese songs of all time.

3 Tu-Whit Tu-Whoo Tu-Whit Tu-Whoo Cover Art

Classic by the way, how is not even number ii ?

this song is better than japanese boy by a mile this song should be number 1 song on the list

one of my favorite aneka's songs but it sounds kinda boring too

4 Little Lady Little Lady Cover Art

Best song I've heard from Aneka's horrible voice.

This song should enter on the top 3

This song is best Aneka.

Ya'll don't know how much I love this song.

5 Ahriman Ahriman Cover Art
6 Chasing Dreams Chasing Dreams Cover Art

another very underrated song by aneka I think it deserves a lot more on this list is clearly a song for top three material and also one of the best songs ever in classic pop culture

My mother's favorite song

just Fully of Dreams

7 Put Out the Light Put Out the Light Cover Art
8 Be My Only Karma Be My Only Karma Cover Art

A great underrated song which is a clearly much better song than japanese boy

One of the best, why is it out of the Top 5? I tought it would be ranked higher. Not low

agreed! this is an awesome song

9 Come Back to Me Come Back to Me Cover Art
10 Rose Rose I Love You Rose Rose I Love You Cover Art

Good and amazing song, I like to see this one ranked inside of the Top fiver

One of the best song by Aneka in my opinion

Rose Rose I love this track!
one of my favorite realesed in the 80s

Better than ''Japanese boy''

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