Best Angela and Me Romantic Couples

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1 KyuKha

You guys are funny siblings, love each other and love, courtesy, respect, and much liked by many people. Couple KyuKha also is, Magnae Couple! It's just a game you play to negotiate for a shower? Haha! You cheer me up! Thank you for your drama! Be real siblings! Make it a solo album K-Ballad guys!

They were a couple plays Angela And Me (AAM) a romantic. I love it because it is funny and ignorant. I liked the episode while at the dinner table. His chin resting on Khansa then and Kyuhyun kept calling Khansa Khansa but no response. Kyuhyun finally cried so hard that everything on the dining table and saw them laughing and Khansa small talk. Khansa: "O Kyuhyun" Kyuhyun: "I'm calling from earlier but you did not answer it! " Khansa: "How many times? " Kyuhyun: "Many times! " Khansa: "Can you count all of them? ". Kyuhyun raised his right eyebrow! Then Yesung laugh very long until stomach pain and almost fell off the chair. Also welcomed other laughing stock! That's what I like! Actually there are many more, but this only can I show you! Poor KyuKha! Fighting!

2 DongIr

You're a perfect match, but you should be a little more romantic as KyuKha. Do you know I thought at the time Irdina want to eat and vomiting, in my mind she is pregnant with your son Donghae. It turned out just being sick. I was a fan and KyuKha DongIr Couple! How the story when there are two of you in the bathroom? WOW it was so HOT! ^ ^ POR!

3 SalMin

You're the couple of Chef! Salsa and Sungmin food is so Yummy! Can I taste now? Please come to my home! Ehmm, why you not little romantic as KyuKha and DongIr Couple? Maybe SalMin can't acting as romantic Couple? Hehe ^^ AAM! COOKING?!

4 EunRa

The True Couple and Loving couple is a family couple. Eunhyuk loved Khansa so. Huh! Ahra is love you too Eunhyuk, Her hear your voice. Her said "Eunhyuk I LOVE you" in Her heart! Please acting as full ver in AAM!

5 DeSung

You're not Romantic like KyuKha Couple. KyuKha Couple is 99% Romantic and DeSung Couple is 23% Romantic! But DeSung Couple is 100% laugh out loud! ^^ take a bowl! Haha!

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