Top Ten Angriest Eminem Songs

Eminem is known to be a monger of hatred, anger, and almost always offensive wordplay. His music has been a source of controversy for the past 2 decades. Yet his art is always readily able to empower listeners with the angry motivational vocals of Shady. Whether it's the encouragement that you need to stand up to that bully at your school, or just the inspiration to go on a jog, Marshall Mathers has always been there to provide listeners with the fuel to their inner fire.

The Top Ten

1 Kim

This song... the anger gets to me, it makes me wonder how you can love a person so much and hate them in the same breath
It's haunting, I love it and am repulsed at the same time

Kim borders the line between sickly humorous and just straight up twisted. - JiggaMan

You can listen emotions in his voice, especially when he is imitating Kim.
He almost cry and very angry at the same time.

I like the way I am too but kim is just... brutal

2 The Way I Am

With the world on his shoulders and everyone urging him to behave one way or another, Marshall has proved once again that no matter what, he will not give in to public opinions. This track shows that no matter what you throw at him, it will be more incentive to continue misbehaving. - JiggaMan

3 'Till I Collapse

The rhymes, the atrocious vocals, and the Nate Dogg hook blend together for the perfect rage fiesta. - JiggaMan

'Till I Collapse' was the first song that got me into Eminem and now I still keep it on my workout mix. Truly amazing

The Anger Moves With The Music... He Will Never Give Up.

4 Kill You

This song was talked about by congress! That should show you how intense it is - YungGarlic

This should be 2nd after "Kim"

5 White America

Eminem explains the reason for the controversy surrounding him in a shouting-like rhythmic masterpiece. - JiggaMan

6 Criminal

Eminem takes the one phrase used against him most and uses it to condone his twisted behavior on a track. - JiggaMan

Literally his angriest song

7 Go to Sleep

This song hurt my feelings for Benzino. Like really, "why are you still alive? " You can just feel the hate emanating from him.

He Screams A lot yeah the perfect song to sleep to

8 Fight Music

A collaboration with the rest of D12, possessing the title that says it all. - JiggaMan

Just listen...!

9 Love the Way You Lie

This song is literally rihanna whining and then him yelling for three minutes

Real lyrics, all time favorite


10 Rabbit Run

The Newcomers

? My Name

The Whole Song is Just Angry and Rage Filed

? Fall

The Contenders

11 Forever

Eminem's one-minute verse brought fire to the entire six-minute song. - JiggaMan

12 Mosh

A classic, politically engaged Eminem rampage. - JiggaMan

13 Survival

After his "ups and downs" with drug addiction, Eminem has realized that no matter what, he is a top competitor for that number one spot in the Rap game. Thus is evident in this fiery throw-down of rhymes and throat-vociferation. - JiggaMan

14 Cleanin’ Out My Closet

This should be in top 10

15 Rock Bottom
16 Soldier

Listen to this with the skit before it on The Eminem Show, the lead up is amazing like you cannot NOT jump up and down when the skit ends and the famous line "I'm a soldier" chimes in with the intro to this song. Simply amazing

Why is this not top 10


17 Almost Famous

Eminem reviews his career in a metal-like, pun filled track. - JiggaMan

18 I Need a Doctor
19 Amityville

3rd Verse and the hook.
Eminem is a sign for the good of rap industry.

20 Puke

Funny Song

21 Lighters

That ain't too angry.

22 Rap God

Should be much higher

23 Killshot

Good Song

24 Berzerk

Guess it's just the way that I'm dressed, ain't it? Khaki's pressed, Nike shoes crispy and fresh laced, so I guess it ain't That aftershave or cologne that made 'em just faint Plus I showed up with a coat fresher than wet paint

25 Underground

Defiantly the angriest and one of the best Eminem song ever

Pure rage and amazing lyrics!

Fillled with pure rage and super upbeat! Amazing song overall - YungGarlic

26 Bad Guy

After they go off the bridge Em shows a dark side and raps in desperation and anger about his career

27 The Ringer
28 Just Don't Give a F***
29 Insane
30 Marshall Mathers

He goes brazy in this song

31 Who Knew
32 Bad Influence
33 Drips
34 Cold Wind Blows
35 Brainless
36 We as Americans


37 Legacy
38 Nowhere Fast
39 So Much Better

Literally screams about his girlfriend dropping dead

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