Top 10 Angriest Songs

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1 Kim - Eminem

You can tell Eminem had a happy, loving relationship with Kim.

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2 People = S*** - Slipknot

The title is true we're evil but for some reason maggots like the name I just like the song

3 Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine
4 Get This - Slipknot

I thought People = was the angriest song ever, but then I heard this one

5 Blood Pigs - Otep

Has anyone listened to this song? It's angry as hell

6 Surfacing - Slipknot
7 Disciple - Slayer

Gotta be higher - DejanKalinic

8 Given Up - Linkin Park
9 Warhead - Otep
10 The Great Southern Trendkill - Pantera

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11 Payback - Slayer

It begins with middle fingering someone, and then it builds up until a fight, where the narrator brutally dismembers and tears the flesh and bone out of the person he hates. Just very hateful, and a great song to vent out to when you are pissed, as no one would rationally tear the flesh and bone out of the one they really hate.

Angrier than Raining Blood or Kim!

12 Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit

Awesome song to listen to when you're pissed off

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13 Lie to My Face - Carnifex

Why in the world is Taylor Swift on this list? Just saw a song by her above a bunch of others, which actually were deserving of a spot. Nothing Swift has ever made is even close to angry - it's whiney little preteen girl crap. ANYWAY, you don't know real anger until you've heard "Lie to My Face". Unlike a bunch of pop-punk songs I also see here, this song radiates hatred and anger. It's that feeling of pure negative energy for that someone who you struggle to be happy with - that you just want them to lie and say everything will be alright. And unlike the unfair amount of Slipknot songs dominating this list, Carnifex actually uses emotional words in their songs. They (unlike Slipknot) aren't just saying random swear words all over the place to look "cool". Because it's not. You don't need a bunch of f-bombs to be angry, this song has literally 1 curse in the whole thing. People just don't know what angry really is…

Scott Lewis is a genius lyricist m/ - ThatStrangeKid42

14 Subject to a Beating - Dying Fetus
15 OMFG - Strapping Young Lad
16 Run for Your Life - The Beatles

Laugh out loud this song is so catchy! "You better run for your life if ya can little girl" - PeterG28

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17 Karma Killer - Robbie Williams
18 Angel of Death - Slayer
19 Daddy - Korn
20 S.Y.L. - Strapping Young Lad

No matter what anyone might say, nothing gets angrier than this. Words cannot describe the rage behind this song, it has to be heard to be understood. The biggest "F*** You" to the higher ups in the world, Devin going unrelenting on how he will never be what any business or incorporation wants out of him. - BloodyThunderX

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