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1 Chuck Chuck

Has got a lot of speeding tickets and looks like a banana I love this guy

He sounds like Olaf from Frozen

None of the characters are good, they are all either stereotypes or jerks. - darthvadern

Chuck is very funny is my favourite birds
1 chuck
2 red - bomb
3 terrence
4 mighty eagle
5 bubbles
6 hal
7 jay jack jimmy
8 willow
9 matilda
10 silver
11 stella

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2 Red Red

Red is the best bird in the world!

Well, he IS the main character...

3 Bomb

Why is Bomb only number three? He should be number 2!

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4 Leonard

He was so funny in the movie his design was better than the original

Leonard AKA King Mudbeard is a funny villain but my least favourite character in the movie.

5 Stella

Notice how some birds like Stella are more useful in the movie than in the game. - GamingGoku757

6 Pilot Pig
7 Mighty Eagle
8 Foreman Pig
9 Timothy
10 Matilda Matilda

Matilda is a great character. She kind of acts like a Mary Sue though. For example, she said once that everyone loves her or something like that, and one character has a crush on her, as well as the fact that despite being a chicken, (her real species) she seems to have pink streaks or whatever it is on some of her feathers (her tail and the "fluff thingy" on her head, specifically). She is also a bit of a stereotype and kind of acts like Wii Fit Trainer (from Wii Fit) but is a great character in my opinion.

Funny Matilda that teaches Anger management class

The Contenders

11 Willow
12 Judge Peckinpah
13 Terence

I LOVED him in this movie, except I just wished he didn't accidentally destroy the slingshot. - GamingGoku757


14 Hal
15 Bubbles

Bubbles is a great angry birds character!

16 Earl the Cowboy Pig
17 Mime
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