Best The Angry Birds Movie Characters


The Top Ten

1 Chuck Chuck

Has got a lot of speeding tickets and looks like a banana I love this guy

He sounds like Olaf from Frozen

He's just down right hilarious!

Me:I was walking through a forest of MOCCASIN BREATH when I saw a fast chuck going SUUPER FAST!

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2 Bomb

Why is Bomb only number three? He should be number 2!

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3 Red Red

Red is the best bird in the world!

4 Leonard

He was so funny in the movie his design was better than the original

5 Mighty Eagle
6 Stella

Notice how some birds like Stella are more useful in the movie than in the game. - GamingGoku757

7 Matilda Matilda

Funny Matilda that teaches Anger management class

8 Pilot Pig
9 Foreman Pig
10 Bubbles

Bubbles is a great angry birds character!

The Contenders

11 Timothy
12 Willow
13 Terence

I LOVED him in this movie, except I just wished he didn't accidentally destroy the slingshot. - GamingGoku757


14 Judge Peckinpah
15 Hal
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