Top 10 Best Angry Grandpa Characters

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1 Angry Grandpa

1. He's the star of most of the videos.
2. He's hilarious!

And I love GrandpasCorner. He does even better vlogs than Pickleboy!

The flappy bird video is hilarious

2 Michael a.k.a. Pickleboy

There are certain videos where he is just as funny as Grandpa and Tina!

There would be no agp without pickleboy he can be whiny but he is funny very funny

3 Tina (neighbor)

In 2012, Boeing had Grandpa evicted from his old trailer somewhere around the time of his divorce. Both of these things sucked for both grandpa and fans. But one of the big reasons that I want to THANK Boeing for what happened, is because if Grandpa hadn't moved to a new trailer, his new neighbor Tina never would have been introduced. She is the FUNNIEST character since Grandpa himself!

4 Bridgette

I can't stand seeing someone like Bridgette be hated for so many stupid reasons. People have made fake YouTube channels pretending to be her, Michael, Tina, and even Bella. There main goals in life are to make the characters look bad and to make others hate them too. I think they are all just jealous that this family is more famous then they are. They rock, final decision. You don't respect it, go back to watching Angry Grandpa and post hate comments even though you could just not watch.

She gets so much hate she doesn't deserve. Bridgette is a very lovable person. She's also really pretty!

Uh, how about no.

5 Tina a.k.a. Grandma

This is one of the few cases where I HATE grandpa. Back in the old videos, when they were still married, he was SO mean to her about literally EVERYTHING. It's hard to believe those two were ever DATING, much less married with four children. They are both happier now. But anyways, Tina is, like Bridgette, a lovable person in the videos who gets too much hate she doesn't deserve. Plus, she, along with Bridgette, Jennifer, and the other Tina, got the BEST reactions out of Grandpa!

6 Jennifer

I feel bad for Jennifer as well. Her husband left her with FOUR children, and Grandpa and Bridgette both berate her for not having a job all the time. But hey, at least she has a job now! And plus, she was in some of the funniest videos, like when Michael and Bridgette made her drink a Meat Smoothie so they would buy her cigarretes, a snack, and a drink, or when she sprayed a large amount of shaving cream on an ice cream cone and gave it to Grandpa when he came in the room as a prank!

7 Kim

She was funny in "Kim Stabs Pickleboy! (PRANK)".

I love her "KimBehindACamera" channel!

8 Charlie

I don't know how,


Charlie breaks out of jail

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