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21 Pickleboy Moves In
22 The Garbage Dog
23 Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Hopped On Pop!

Michael accepts the Jimmy Kimmel father's day challenge of yelling "hop on pop! " and jumping on your dad while he's sleeping. Grandpa's reaction was SO funny how he tried to hit Michael with a baseball bat, and how Michael is so fat, he broke the bed when he jumped on him! This video isn't just top 15 worthy, it's top 5 worthy!

24 Surstromming Challenge FAIL

In this video, Michael and Bridgette give Grandpa Surstromming, a can of tuna that is among the smelliest foods in the world, saying it is ''one of the most deluctable foods in the world''. Anyways, Grandpa opens the can and stinks up the whole trailer. It's so awful, Michael pukes. It is definitely top 10 worthy!

25 Pillsbury Doorboy

In this episode, Pickleboy burns the biscuits he made for grandpa. And he destroys pickleboy's door.

26 The Garbage Burrito

In all honesty, Grandpa's most violent meltdown of all time. Grandpa can't find his burrito, so he starts to destroy the kitchen. Michael and Bridgette then fish one out of the trash to calm him down. Then, he tastes a cigarette butt inside his burrito, and FLIPS OUT! He goes so insane in this one, him screaming at Michael in this video is the channel's PROFILE PIC! If this video is that infamous, it should at least be in the top 10!

Grandpa can't remember where he put his burrito, and he takes his anger out on Michael and bridgette. Eventually, they find it in the trash, and put it on his plate. He takes a few bites, and FLIPS OUT when he finds a cigarette butt in his burrito and they tell him they fished it out of the garbage. He goes SOOO MAD in this video, him screaming "F*** YOU! In this video is the channel's profile pic! That's worth this list if you ask me!

27 The "MustDestroyAll" Prank Videos

Should be number 1, this is the prime of angry grandpa. And if you didn't watch it yet, go do that.

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28 Angry Grandpa: Lights Out
29 Angry Grandpa vs. The Pumpkin
30 Angry Grandpa Destroys Furniture

In this video, Grandpa gets fed up with the couch smelling bad. So instead of hiring a cleaner to clean the couch, He cuts up his furniture with a knife. There was also fecal matter between the cushions and his dentures fell out in between the cushions. At the end of the video he gets on his computer. This was a hilarious video. The destruction was great, The dialogue was great. Everything about it was just glorious.

31 Angry Grandpa - Live Music Wakeup (Prank) Ft. Shooter Jennings!

The other night Grandpa's van broke down when he was going to a concert and Michael decides to bring the concert to grandpa. And Grandpa was so pissed he ripped off his shirt. This is a really funny video with funny dialogue and very good destruction.

32 Angry Grandpa - The Bridgette Is Pregnant Prank!

In this one, Michael and Bridgette decide play a huge practical joke on Grandpa: Bridgette is pregnant! This sort of backfires when Grandpa goes berserk on Bridgette, such as calling her things like ''pregnant B...! ''. He gets really mad when they tell him and Grandma it's just a prank, let's just put it that way!

33 Angry Grandpa Hates the Most American Thickburger

In a more recent video, Michael takes Grandpa to Hardee's to try The Most American Thickburger. When he tells Grandpa it has hot dogs and potato chips on it, Grandpa doesn't even want to go try it. He says "WHAT? Oh F... That S...! " and turns the car around. He decides to go anyways, and then, he takes a bite. And then all hell breaks loose. "WHAT THE F...?! ", "YOU eat a bite! ", and "Why you tryin' to poison me! " are some of the things he says before he throws the disgusting burger out the window and the birds gather for it. Michael brings him a drink and gives it to him through the window, and then Grandpa, ticked off, drives away without him, forcing him to walk home. It's actually their funniest video in quite a while!

34 Angry Grandpa Hates His Broken Sink
35 Hamburger Pie Meltdown

In this video, Michael and Grandpa make a weird kind of pie called "hamburger pie". But when Grandpa takes a nap, Michael accidentally overcooks it. When they find it burnt, Grandpa freaks out tries to pick it up, but he's not wearing oven mits so he drops it all over the oven door. And then all hell breaks loose. This is my cousin's favorite AG video, so I checked it out and laughed my butt off, so I added it to the list.

36 Angry Grandpa Smashes HDTV V 1 Comment
37 Angry Grandpa - The Little Caesers Pretzel Crust Pizza

In this video, Michael, Grandpa, and Bridgette decide to try little ceasers's new pretzel crust pizza. Grandpa's reaction to the pizza isn't the funny part though. Unlike the most American thickburger, he loves it! The funny part is how MUCH he loves it. Michael tries to grab a piece, and a selfish Grandpa gets out a TASER and chases Michael until he locks himself in the closet. At the very end of the video, he opens the door, and grandpa's still waiting with the taser, so he slams the door back shut. It's one of the funniest things iv'e ever seen Grandpa do, and it should not be this low!

38 Angry Grandpa Loses It!

In this video, Grandpa gets tired of Jennifer living with him and not having a job. So he starts yelling at her while she's trying to nap, and it escalates to him dumping her son's toys on her. He then continues to scream at and berate her for mooching off of him, to the point where she starts crying!

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39 Angry Grandpa - Ice Cream Prank

In this video so old it's not even on TheAngryGrandpaShow and only on the channel AngryGrandpaARCHIVES, Jennifer, her boyfriend, and Michael pull a prank on Grandpa by filling an ice cream cone with shaving cream, and then pouring sweet and sour sauce on it like chocolate syrup. They then pretend Jennifer is eating his ice cream so he will take it from her and eat a bite. His reaction when he took a mouthful of the shaving cream and sweet and sour sauce was one of the funniest moments in Angry Grandpa history. And then, as if it couldn't get funnier, he then proceeds to smash the cone on her head as revenge. This is definitely worthy of the top 10, if not, the top 5! Oh, and it was on TruTv's Top 20 Most Shocking, so the video's pretty much famous!

40 Angry Grandpa's TV Blowout
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