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1 Ep.118 Big Rigs Over The Road Racing

The review most people have waited for and it didn't disappoint - htoutlaws2012

Most halarious episode ever lol

2 Ep.66 Atari Jaguar Part 2

I like the part where the logo comes at him and then the music hits which is awesome - htoutlaws2012

3 Ep.46 Super Mario Bros. and the Wizard
4 Ep.52 Batman Part 1

I almost died when I saw this. Couldn't breathe, and geared up so bad my face was dripping. Awesome!

5 Ep.61 Superman 64
6 Ep.1 Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest

The beginning of the legend - htoutlaws2012

7 Ep.74 Plumbers Don't Wear Ties

The Nerd's best episode ever features the worst 3DO "game" ever.

8 Ep.63 Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
9 Ep.55 Battletoads

It so funny how james and that other guy who's name I don't know play two player and they constantly get pissed off laugh out loud - htoutlaws2012

Battletoads is probably the worst two-player video game ever.
KYLE (singing): He's the angriest gamer you've ever heard...
NERD (angrily): You bet your ASS!
KYLE (singing): He's the Angry Video Game Nerd!

10 Ep.26 Sega 32X

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11 Ep.12 Friday The 13th

I love Alice Copper's song at the end.

12 Ep.113 Tiger Electronic Games
13 Ep.31 Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout
14 Ep.90 Action 52

Gotta love the Angry Video Game Nerd's impression of the Laughing Joking Numbnuts who gave us Action 52, as well as his lengthy rant at the end.

15 Ep.91 Cheetahmen
16 Ep.99 Star Wars Games

How the heck did Darth Vader turn into a scorpion?!

17 Ep. 95 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Revisited

Whether the Angry Video Game Nerd has the nerve to say so or not, his least favourite NES game (which is a marriage of 19th-century licensed properties gone horribly ludicrously unbelievably wrong) was ruined by LJN:
Purple for putrid gameplay... Check!
Blue for bad musical abominations... Check!
Green for graphical farts and garlic... Check!
Yellow for piss-poor lack of loyalty to source material... Check!
Orange for orange you a big idiot... Check, since the face on the cover of the game is a ripoff of Freddy Krueger (another Halloween icon whose NES game was ruined by Laughing Joking Numbnuts) as well as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
Red for high-stress anger-inducing masochism... Giant economy-sized check!

18 Ep.100 R.O.B the Robot

This video inspired me to never give up. You should always get back up if you're down.

19 Ep. 53 Batman Part 2
20 Ep.2 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
21 Ep.25 Sega CD
22 Ep.20 Atari 5200
23 Ep.67 Metal Gear
24 Ep.78 Wayne's World
25 Ep.69 X-Men
26 Ep.47 NES Accessories
27 Ep.13 A Nightmare On Elm Street
28 Ep.87 Ninja Gaiden
29 Ep.101 Spielberg Games
30 Ep.109 Atari Sports
31 Ep.108 Ghost N' Goblins
32 Ep.92 Game Glitches
33 Ep.115 AVGN games
34 Ep.86 Hydlide
35 Ep.6 Back To The Future
36 Ep.4 Who Framed Roger Rabbit
37 Ep.5 TMNT
38 Ep.10 Top Gun
39 Ep.14 The Power Glove
40 Ep. 28 Die Hard
41 Ep.30 The Simpsons
42 Ep.36 Halloween

I love that one part where avgn shoves those two controllers into Michael's eyes.

43 Ep.43 Virtual Boy
44 Ep.57 Dracula
45 Ep. 70 Terminator Part 1
46 Ep.72 Transformers
47 Ep.79 Castlevania
48 Ep.49 Star Trek
49 Ep.117 Wish List "Part 2"
50 Ep.94 Back to the Future Revisited
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