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htoutlaws2012 Intro: Its no secret i'm a big fan of the Angry Video Game Nerd, a lot of his material I kinda was influential for a certain blog post which you may already know of. The nerd has made some more recent videos from 2017, and his still has the nerd in him to keep on going. At episode 149 I really wanted to check because back then the early WWF, (he throws in a WCW one as well) games were their horrid, or were okay for the time.

(Starts the video)


That's cool he thinks his Steve Austin drinking beer in the opening I love it. Tag team wrestling is one I rarely see anyone do on YouTube hmm... i'm intrigued on this. Apparently this is similar to pro wrestling on the same console which I have heard of, but probably better than this since he demonstrated the suckage. Drunk sunburned uncle lol, yeah the catchphrase that was reused for WWE'12 which was a mixed bag, but stellar compared to WWF Wrestlemania. Yeah let's stumble like a bunch of donkey's the A.I is indicatively atrocious he'll move randomly then sike you out as the A.I insults your intelligence. Power ups in a wrestling game is pretty PC police term ''snowflake'' to have pulled off for something that dumb in a wrestling game no less the first attempt by the company. ''Who is Hulk Hogan Simon Belmount'' he ain't no Castlevania character, but the game makes him out to be so absurd. You know a game is terrible when you can't figure out what buttons are to pin an opponent. Next he reviews a trilogy of LJN games which honestly the SNES games were actually not as terrible as the nes which is saying a lot from the worst developers of all time. I may have said back in my Angry outaw that yes these notable games make the company more legendary than it truly is, but really there are surprisingly bright spots like WWF Raw on SNES is much better than the XBOX's WWF Raw which I kinda liked, but I understand why everyone else did not. Back to the nes portion though yeah Wrestlemania Challenge, and King of the ring are examples of collection of bad LJN titles. Challenge has this awkward direction moving where you can also not touch the guy, and in King of the ring the audience is all blue I mean is the sign of depression for LJN? As I stated the LJN games of SNES are surprisingly good just frustrating to tap buttons with. WWF Wrestlemania the Arcade game is probably the only game he showcases that he actually likes, he questions the limited characters selection the game plays like Mortal Kombat in a good way while sequel was not as good. then he reviews the first WCW game, and comments on the selection of color of one of the wrestlers then he goes on by saying its got the most annoying character select screen of any game because they shout random names, and don't shown their ring names. The controls are delayed, and goes on by saying its ''the worst there ever will be.'' Then he basically wrestles a cartridge as if he is stone cold until taking on the final opponent which would be slammasters which was made by Capcom, and goes on by saying how good it is compared everything else in this video (aside from the arcade game) as the episode ends with the nerd gets hit back of the chair.

Additional Notes: Good vintage nerd video that is not always seen regularly. I would back then always turn into his videos when he very active, but now his leaning towards months are so, and this is now the case. The gate might close for him since he has made a lot of episodes, and a movie even though that was bogus to me.