Top Ten Angry Video Game Nerd Episodes

One of my favorite guys on the internet. Time to count down the top ten episodes of his show. Now don't think these are the only good episodes of the Angry Video Game Nerd, they are just my personal favorites. If you haven't seen these, check them out.

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21 Texas Chainsaw Massacre

"Will if he don't like video games why is he playing video games?! "

Funny as balls - TimTamTheTurtleMan

One of his most insane episodes. Great acting by Steven J. Klaszky (the Hillbilly) and Matei.

22 Street Fighter 2010
23 Sega 32X

OH OH OH OH! - htoutlaws2012

24 R.O.B. The Robot

My favorite episode! So funny and epic!

I think this one might have the best special effects, but when he goes to the kitchen and makes a gyro...hilarious!

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25 Spider-Man

This one is always fun to watch. It's another guest/character review. The games in it are just really funny to watch James (The Nerd) and "Spider-Man" watch. The way "Spider-Man" talks is funny, as well as the song at the end.

Spiderman, spiderman
Takes a dump in a coffee can

26 M.C. Kids

This is the funniest AVGN ep. I'd ever watched, next to Plumbers Don't Wear Ties. "So there's Ronald with his magic bag, bag of hallucinogenic drugs" that is so funny. The funnies was "So there's Grimace, the big purple f***". This should be #1 and plumbers don't wear ties is #2.

It's Okay But One Error James Said
7-Elven Instead 7up Spot.

27 Spielberg Games

This one was just so entertaining - Sneslper

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28 Atari 5200

This is the Nerd's first review of a console and he didn't even get it to work because of how awful the controller is.

29 Swordquest

Best overall in my opinion the mystery, the music everything about it is just epic

Probably the most memorable for me and a great mystery

It's a good episode but he's really calm in this one

30 Toxic Crusaders

Nope, this one was just terrible. - DensestPotato

The grandfather of gross-out humour Lloyd Kaufman joins the Nerd to play the games based on the Troma cartoon show. A personal favourite of mine, just seeing the two generations of Toliet humour coming together. - therowdyman

The grandfather of gross-out humor Lloyd Kaufman joins the Nerd to play the games based on the Troma cartoon show. A personal favorite of mine, just seeing the two generations of Toliet humor coming together. - therowdyman

31 Ikari Warriors

Kyle just stole this one, but it's brilliant. Love the music, love the genuine nerd reactions to the random things coming out of his mouth, even hidden behind a controller, and I love how the game is so weird that it's all on theme. Where DID the hair go?


32 Ghostbusters

I've never laughed so hard at a YouTube video. It's excellent. It was the first I'd seen and it got me hooked.

All three episodes are awesome. But the first is my favorite AVGN episode ever. - Obelisk94

I feel bad for avgn in this one. That ghostbusters game looks like it really sucks!

33 Bible Games

The Nerd devoted THREE episodes to crazy dysfunctional Bible games. What did the world's best-selling copyrighted book of all time do to deserve the LJN treatment, anyway... no, What's on second!

34 Atari Sports

One of my favorite episodes. The football rant is amazing. But the rest is hilarious too!

His rant on football is hilarious

I fill the same way about American football as the AVGN does. - Skullkid755

"What is this? Geodude fighting Mr. Game & Watch? "

35 Battletoads

Probably the worst two-player video game ever...

I love this game, but it's horribly programmed with two-players.

36 Hong Kong 97

Chin! - htoutlaws2012


37 Atari Jaguar (Parts 1 & 2)

Funny episode. And I love videos about atari jaguar. :-) Best avgn episode ever! - markuzohlsson

38 Castlevania Anthology
39 Seaman

My god that is hilarious - bobbythebrony

IT SAYS FUUU *2000 years later* UUCK! - ShaunFan04

40 Sega CD

This episode has very funny game reviews in it that always make me laugh, not to mention the best version of the theme song!

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