Best Angry Video Game Nerd Moments


The Top Ten

1 Beating Up Bugs Bunny
2 Star Evil - Action 52
3 Battletoads Pause
4 A**!!! - Nintendo Power
5 Too Fn Early
6 Bible Games on CD-I - Bible Games 2
7 Freddy Krueger Defecate

Now don't you people wish you could do this to a movie you hate?

8 You killed me! Good! - Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon
9 Die Hard Battle
10 Die Die Die - Silver Surfer

The Contenders

11 Super Mario Bros 3 Battle With Super Mecha Death Christ
12 Fred Fuchs

I wonder what the real Fred Fuchs would think of this? Either way he'd probably wouldn't like it that much.

Wasn't this guy one of the producers of Francis Ford Coppola's 1992 remake of Dracula?

You don't fuch with Fred Fuchs!

Fuchs is a German surname meaning "fox." It is pronounced as "Fooks."

It's also a Yiddish surname.

13 Nintendo Power! Don't Open Unless You've Got a Barf Bag! - Nintendo Power
14 S*** Pickle
15 Cowa F***** Piece of Dog S***
16 Beginners Trap
17 Attack of the Mutant Penguins Review
18 Super Noah's Ark 3D Review - Bible Games
19 "I'm gonna shove these f****** games up YOUR A$$!" - Batman Games

Batman: Revenge Of The Joker!
Batman: RETURN Of The Joker!
Batman: Return Of The Joker ON GAME BOY!
And last but not least, Batman ON COMMODORE SIXTY-FOUR! - xandermartin98

I'm gonna shove these f****** games up YOUR A$$! Batman: Return Of The Joker! Batman: REVENGE Of The Joker! Batman Forever! And last but not least, BATMAN ON COMMODORE 64!

20 Bugs Bunny Battle Part 2
21 That f****** time limit! THAT MOTHER F****** S*** SUCKING TIME LIMIT! - Godzilla
22 Murdock Turns into a Frog - Rambo
23 Cartridge of Death - Super Mario Bros 3
24 Godzilla Rage - Godzilla
25 Buffalo takes a dump through the window - Star Wars
26 Somebody made a good Back To The Future game and it was only in Japan?
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