Best Animal Crossing Fruit

Just a list about your favourite fruit in any Animal Crossing Game :)

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1 Cherries

I love cherries. I'm so lucky that they're my native fruit in City Folk.

They're so cool and they give off a "chill" vibe.

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2 Pears

In Summer you can't really see them... - Silverbronwyn

3 Bananas
4 Peaches
5 Mangos

They just look nice in the summer! - Silverbronwyn

6 Coconuts

That first time you find a coconut washed up on the beach and you decide to make a huge coconut farm... - Silverbronwyn

7 Oranges

In Autumn, they blend in nicely with the trees... - Silverbronwyn

8 Apples

The signature fruit for Animal Crossing... How could it not be here? - Silverbronwyn

My native fruit in new leaf

9 Durians

They look like they are made out of gold diamonds ^. ^ - Silverbronwyn

10 Lemons

I just really like lemons... - Silverbronwyn

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11 Persimmons
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