Top Ten Animal Crossing Games/Applications

I'm including plaza, clock, and calculator even though there not really games

The Top Ten

1 Animal Crossing New Leaf

It took all the previous game together, and mixed them all together and added some new features. This game is almost perfect! The only thing I kinda hate, this game can be really slow paced sometimes, but that's why we can change the time. - tacoperson

Love new leaf - Stevenpenguin

П Love this game! / welcome amiibo. - EllizaKentish65

2 Animal Crossing

I've had it for about 2 years now and I still love this game! - tacoperson

I'm playing this game right now!

I love this game :3 - spodermanfan1000

3 Animal Crossing City Folk

I love this game.

I still play this game.

I love this game!

It is very cool.

4 Animal Crossing Wild World

Worst Animal crossing game if you ask me. Even City Folk was better.

This game tried so many things new as well sticking with the formula, and how much they put in on one new portable console is crazy. But, there is some fall backs...the walking is kinda laggy and when you look back at the main installments, this one doesn't stick out to me. - tacoperson

5 Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer

Really fun for a short spinoff

6 Doubutsu no Mori e+

This is the original n64 game remade for the GameCube. It comes with lots of e-reader functionality and is the best way to play the original.

7 Doubutsu no Mori
8 Animal Crossing Plaza
9 Animal Crossing (Nintendo Switch)

Wish nintendo could explain more before the start of spring. - EllizaKentish65


10 Animal Crossing Calculator

I shall check it out.

The Contenders

11 Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

One of the best mobile games of the year, from my perspective! - tacoperson

It's not bad, but worse than the other AC games. Not bad for a mobile game though - MaxPap

12 Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival

I love this one, it is the first one I've ever played and it has amiibos, amiibo cards, you can play as a villager, and it introduced me to Digby. You can also get it at gamestop for only $2.99 - MarioMaster101

I actually like it, but it's the only one I played

This game sucks.

13 Animal Crossing: Camp Forest [2019]

Gameplay trailer will be at E3

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