Top 10 Animal Crossing: New Leaf Hourly Music

The top 10 favourite music tracks played at every hour in-game, which makes every hour of the clock have a unique and different song and theme!

The Top Ten

1 1am

It sounds so peaceful with the piano, maybe after doing homework and going to bed late at night.. It's beautiful and makes you feel relaxed.

Animal Crossing New Leaf 1am is one of the best soundtracks in the whole series, it is relaxing and calm. I like it so very much.

I've never been up till 1...

This sounds kinda similar to City Folk’s 1am music.

2 10pm

Sounds like you're staying up late at night and playing animal crossing while your family is going to sleep :D

3 7pm

I don't think it's scary. It makes me feel very nostalgic because when I first got the game it was in the evening and this tune was playing.

Really good tune

I personally ADORE this song. Many think it’s unsettling, and I kind of agree, but it’s how I feel when I try to get to stores before they close

"Night has fallen.. I can see the stars.."

4 7am

It sounds so calm, like you're waking up early in the morning and just getting ready for school.

I play this while eating fruity pebbles before school, so this song reminds me of it.

5 11pm

It makes me feel a little sad, like it's almost 12am the next day, and you're sad to see the day end.


6 4am


This song is kind of creepy... - LapisBob

A eerie and slightly spooky vibe that fits in for this time of the night, like a clock ticking slowly or creeping.. Also used in the famous Aika Village.

7 3pm

It gives me this vibe: "School's out for the day! Let's have fun! "

8 8pm

Smooth tone that feels fulfilling to play on piano any instrument.

Light-footed beat to try to tell you it's about time to fall asleep.

"It's about time you should get to sleep.. the day is ending"

9 5pm

The rhythm is very catchy. It just goes perfectly with the end of the day.

10 10am

"Nook's store is finally open! Let's go catch fish and get bugs to sell! "

The Contenders

11 4pm

"The afternoon is ending, let's get done what we have to do! "

12 11am

Nice, relaxing, and a great start to the beginning of the morning.

13 9pm

I agree

Very upbeat

14 2pm

I like how lazy it sounds, and the steel drums are nice - Aerosind

15 12pm

I like it because on summer days it really perks me up

16 12am

There's something about this hour's theme that makes me want to run outside, and go to bed at the same time. It's just magical.

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