Top Ten Best Animal Crossing: New Leaf Special Characters

The Top Ten

1 Isabelle

I have 147 trees, over 200 flowers, and 8 public works projects. Isabelle told me I need more, so I built a yield sign. When it was done, I had a worse town than before (rating-wise) So, sorry, Isabelle, you are not my favorite. -ACNL-Lover-42

Probably my favorite Animal Crossing character.

She's a very sweet dog

She’s just a precious being

2 K.K. Slider

K.K. Parade is my favourite

K.K. Crusin' all the way.


3 The Mayor

Ah, thank you for putting me on this list!

We, the players are the best characters.

Because I'm awesome - Dawscr

*grabs mic* I'm BETTER THAN YOU - quackmysack

4 Tom Nook

Tom Nook is a cute tanooki

Tom Nook is adorable his eyes make him look like one of the YooHoo and Friends toys

5 Blathers

Such a nice owl

6 Sable

Sable is quiet but friendly..I think she is the BEST acnl special character ever!

She's so hardworking and is so strong to keep going after what happened...

7 Brewster

His coffee is good but he gets mad if you drink it cold

Best animal crossing character.

8 Luna

Noo! Luna is gross and creepy

9 Katrina
10 Rover

The Contenders

11 Celeste

She's so cute. I miss the star observatory

She’s so cute!

12 Mabel
13 Digby

Go digby, my favorite thing about amiibo festival is that I got introduced to him.

Digby is the most amazing character in animal crossing. The reason why I like amiibo festival is because that's when I first saw him.

Digby is WAY better than even her sister! More love for Digby and less for Issabelle!

Digby is the best!

14 Kicks

I love the fact that he is British!

15 Tommy

And Timmy

16 Dr. Shrunk


17 Harriet
18 Gracie
19 Lyle

Lyle was always so scary to me

20 Leif

The greatest gardener of all time... The legendary Leif!

21 Crazy Redd

Redd is kinda creepy but I still love him!

22 Pascal
23 Jingle
24 Timmy
25 Velma
26 Bluebear
27 Blanca

In the older games you actually drew a face for her, which is why people liked her better then. Blame everyone who kept drawing genitalia on her face for the change.

A cute, gimmicky lil' cat. She's pretty cool, though people like her better in the older games, it seems...

28 Labelle
29 Wisp
30 Sydney
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