Top 10 Animal Jam Alphas

There are lots of Alphas in Animal Jam, an online playground, but which is the best?

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1 Greely Greely

Greely is the most popular alpha with Peck behind him. I mean, he could EAT Peck If he wanted to. He seemed like a jerk at first, but he just prefers being alone and working by himself. He is one of the toughest fighters and alphas, for he uses dark magic to defeat phantoms. See? He sounds mean, but he saves you from the volcano in Greely's Inferno and nearly kills himself. Then at the end of the Search for Greely, he acts nicer towards you. I asked 4 Jammers who their favorite alpha was and they all picked Greely. And Bepper, of course. He reminds me of Raven, they can both have a temper, they are mysterious, and both use dark magic. Bepper obsesses over him for a reason, haha!

Everyone thinks Greely is evil, but if he was evil, why is he an Alpha? He leads attacks, is very witty and smart, discovered the phantom fortress, and so much more. I love his design and his shifty looks, but soft inside. That's why Greely is the best Animal Jam Alpha.

Greely is just misunderstood! Like, the Alphas distrust him, he kinda has a tragic past, and he isn't exactly loved by most people! Also, be perspective! If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't know anything about the Phantoms! I'm a vouch for him.

Yeah! As one of the starter animals a wolf alpha is perfect.Along with that he shows true colors of a lone wolf in real life which makes this alpha true to his roots which you can’t say about Peck I mean a bunny who paints?

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2 Peck

I love Peck! Shes so cute, pretty, and a very talented artist! I feel like I can relate to her, for she is hyperactive, has a temper, and is very creative. And no offense to anyone who likes Cosmo, but Pecks Den is way cooler than Cosmos Den. Peck is the bunny alpha, and bunnies are my favorite animal in Jamaa. I think AJ should have a few more Peck items, though there is already a Pecks Den, a giant chocolate Peck, Crystal Peck Statue, bronze statue, stone statue, and a Peck Charm Necklace. And can someone here put up an image of her? I don't have an account, and I think that would make this list better if Peck, Sir Gilbert, Cosmo, and Tavie all had images. I also hope Peck appears in the adventures, because she is the only alpha who hasn't by now. So, yeah. Go, Peck.

Peck is the best!

I love peck yay!

Peck is such adorbs! :) maybe next year I will dress up as peck for halloween!

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3 Liza Liza

People think Liza is creepy because she takes a picture of you with her camera when you are logging in. I think it is cute and I like Liza because she is a strong fighter, a great leader, and she is very pretty! Did you know that Liza was originally meant to be old and wise, but they changed her to young and pretty. She may not be as cool as Greely, but she makes a better teacher. In Training Grounds, she teaches you how to hide and trap Phantoms. Much better than learning how to run and jump in Hidden Falls. Liza is an amazing alpha in my opinion.

I love Liza she's so cute unlike Graham's finger eyebrows - Puppytart

I love Liza shes strong.

1. I looked on the wiki and found out she is the LEADER of the alphas
2. she is a great teacher good enough to make a level 1 jammier to level 30!
3. she will help us NO MATTER what!
4.just, face it shes the best.

4 Sir Gilbert

Ever since he was in the Hidden Falls adventure and got his own den ( avaliable in the Diamond Shop ), people have been going crazy over him just like Greely. Especially Julian2. I have to admit, when I finished the Hidden Falls for the first time, I thought it was really cool how he appeared in fire and his den was so amazing! Jammers have been saying its one of the best dens Animal Jam has made. Like I said about Peck, could somebody please upload a picture of Sir Gilbert because I don't have an account. He is the oldest Alpha and one of the fiercest. I recently looked at Julian2's player card and he is dressed up like Sir Gilbert and already bought the den and arranged it. Haha, neat! If you would like to contact me through AJ, I am Gymleadermisty and you can comment on my wall because I can't accept Jam a Grams.


5 Graham Graham

Graham is epic because he is the most intelligent of the Alphas. His new den is legendary and the adventures that feature him are the most fun to play.

No offense guys, but he kind of freaks me out. He is a monkey, and monkeys are my least favorite animal in Jamaa because the look so ugly, and Graham is NOT an improvement. I guess he is a hard worker and is very good with mechanical stuff, but that won't make me like him. I have to say, he is better than Cosmo, but I don't know why Aparri chose him over the others. Please don't give me a thumbs down, I just think he is scary. But he's okay. I am Gymleadermisty and feel free to comment on my wall whenever.

This guy is halarious

6 Cosmo


7 Tavie

Tavie never gets as much attention as the other 6 main Alphas. Tavie is the dolphin alpha who makes her first appearence in Turning the Tide and she is totally my favorite!

Tavie is so cute and sweet, she should be at least number 3 - Puppytart

Tavie is the best alpha as she is kind, nice and loved by the other alphas
- 37573ejw

8 Harper
9 Marco
10 LaSalle

Basically, you are assuming this thing's profile because he has never showed up in an adventure. Juno is already overrated and IT isn't even ANYWHERE - Puppytart

I think that Lasalle should win because it's their time to shine, and they are a raccoon. I LOVE RACCOONS!

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11 Sophia

She is a princess and the horse alpha right

12 Valentina
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