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1 Best Dressed

Best Dressed is awesome. It earns you TONS of money and gives you the chance to wear rares and betas for free and without scamming! Also, if you get into the same round as your friend, you can vote for each other.

Best dressed is a great game to play, you get gems but you can also have lots of fun if your bored 1010 game and you get to wear items you have and it can sometimes encorages people to be creative and not be an everday arctic wolf. You can show off your style with items you don't even have! and that's why I pick this game :3 I'm animaljambandit on aj.

I pick Best Dressed because this game helps me earn a lot of gems. U. And you can wear the items you don't have!

I think that it gives nonmembers a chance to see what they look like in member clothes. its fun and it earns a lot of gems

2 Falling Phantoms

kinda fun, a bit hard and gets frustrating after a bit. plus it takes longer so less gems but most people think you get a lot so I don't know

This should b 1st its way better than best dressed (I'm a tomboy so best dressed is lame to me)

I love this game, it earns so much gems!

This one I love too!

3 Pest Control

It's just fun in my opinion, why isn't it number one? Sometimes I don't get these

Strategic, rewarding, and fun! You really cannot go wrong with Pest Control.

This is most famous game

, it's so flipin' adictive, I only won easy and mediem

4 Swoopy Eagle

This game is SO HARD. Same thing as Flappy Bird. I have never gotten past the third cactus. It's just really boring and hard.

Oh no I got hit by a cactus FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME!

5 Fruit Slinger
6 Splash and Dash

If you are a member you can customize the dolphin

its like jamaa derby, but underwater

7 Eat Em Up

Again, one of the first games I've played. Love it!

Yummy - mimii8 and clonestar10

8 Sky High

You may get a rare! Just keep believing, since they are on rare occasions!

When you reach the top, you get a prize!

9 Overflow

It's super fun and cool! I like turning the sand! It's so cool!

Another one of the first games I've played.

10 Jamaa Derby

I played it for 1 hour and only got 3600 gems.

Do you know how much gems you can get from that you just have to play it for a bit long my user is anita1125 please send something to me I'm famouse on YouTube and I'll buddy you by the way quinquin9 scammed my golden legeandery glove and my ice archway :'(

one of my favorites, its fun and u can get lots of gems from it! plus u can show off your horse's outfit !

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11 The Claw

Anybody could win a plushie and get the decision to keep or discard (not take..) it. You can have as many as your "animal heart" desire. You get suprise ones, and I always love and keep my...

pretty fun, you get plushies from it, also u can trade with those plushies and maybe get some rares!

12 Phantom's Treasure

Hey guys, Cece35313 here! A lot of games on animal jam are fun but challenging. This one is too! Phantoms treasure was one of the first games I've played on animal jam. I've mastered it after a year of trying! When fox hats came back, I didn't have enough gems to get every color (which I wanted to do- they were my most wanted item). So I played phantoms treasure for an hour or so :)
Hope you vote! Bye!

13 Temple of Trivia

When it isn't the Geography Bee, I smoke every game and everyone leaves.

14 River Race

I LOVED this game very much but one day aj said River race turned into Splash and dash and I got very sad

15 Phantom Fighter
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