Top 10 Animal Jam Items

These are the best and rarest ANIMAL JAM items! They are hard or impossible to get!

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Rare Headdress

I had a rare headdress then then I went to my friends house and she was with her buddy and I was wearing my headdress. then my friends buddy started screaming at me saying GIVE MY YOUR HEADDRESS OTHER YOU WILL REGRET THAT YOU DIDN'T! I didn't believe her and I left. the next day I got on and my headdress and my fox hats were GONE

Rare headdresses are a quite hard item to get, so I think that the headdresses are a great 1st place as rarest item on animal jam, I have came upon one in a trade for 4 black longs, and the person actually accepted my trade, from that day on I was as proud as an eagle. Then, a animal traded me glossy wings and a rare eyeball hat, mixed with some spikes and 2 rare fox hats, and I, proudly a accepted it so then I did not have it anymore, I still think it is a very rare item!

I have a light pink headdress that is worth around 15 black longs

Rare headdresses are very, very hard to get off of anyone. I'm just an ordinary jammer with rare headphones, rare heart locket and other rares. I agree that Rare Headdresses are hard to get hold of though, because I've traded people like 50 times and they wont accept any of my trades. I really want to get a rare headdress so I can show off my inner style and my fashion. I know it sounds like I am such a show off though, but sometimes you just have to. :P

Rare headdresses are not really that rare at all. One, they used to be a rare item monday like last year. And second of all it's a VERY common item in the eagle adventure. Lots of people over for it. Even a headdress (non rare) isn't worth a the second place.

Rare Spiked Collar

I haven't played Animal Jam in a while, but one time I got scammed and lost my rare long purple spike. Worst birthday ever

I've had a rare spike collar but I was hacked and it was taken. I got a silver long after that but I was scammed 6 times for all the silver longs I had. Now I can't get them because I was only left with 3 rares (not good rares) and a rare purple short that no one will trade me for. I've tried so many times to get one but every time I try to get one, I get rejected. I think they should put them back up at the diamond shop even if just for a little so more people can have a chance to get them so less people are getting hacked or scammed which is suppose to be prevented and not happen but happens all the time and can't be prevented. If enough people ask and request for them to be put on as an item to buy, we might have a chance in getting them put up for you to buy

People who have rare longs or shorts are really picky about them. There are multiple colors such as pink, yellow, orange, black, blue, green, red, and purple. The most rare is black, and the least rare is orange. People usually trade betas and rare wrists for rare spikes. The order of how rare they are is actually based on their color and if they're short or long. Most people get spikes by trading ultra good things, or playing the adventure: The Forgotten Desert. I used to have a red short, but it got scammed. People would do anything to get rare spikes, even threaten people that they would scam and hack their account. If they do, just report and leave. Most people don't even put their spikes on trade because it is too valuable.

I was just scrolling looking for animal lists and this is what I get lol

Founder Hat

I don't think there is only twenty because I have seen more then 20 people in my den at the same time that were wearing them. Also they lost value recently they are not worth two black longs and two indigo longs, now its just two black longs, or an orange beard

I love founder hats! People will kill for those things! Literally a little kid was pointing a fake gun at me saying " give me your founder hat and nobody gets hurt! ", I didn't even have one. and I knew it was fake gun by the way.

The golden top hat. Only 20 are known to exist, and

Oh my friend wanted a headdress and a guy had one and he asked a founder hat for it the closest thing she had to it was a umm what was it called oh a freedom hat and she said I have a freedom hat please friend me I am Luma5431

Party Hat

I Wish I actually had a party hat and I really wanted one in my life I wish I do have one I promise I wont give it away if you give me one.

I just got a party hat today for a robot deb beta and a rare worn. I have no idea how the person accepted, but they did. In my opinion, they are SUPER rare because I've never seen one on anyone except for the person I got it from.

On YouTube, someone traded a party hat (rare) plus added for a headdress. They accepted. Which means this is probably pretty rare. Cause headdresses are rare too.

Party hats are super hard to get So there like super beta! I got one from a VERY PICKY PERSON!

Just because something's rare or hard to get doesn't mean it's a 'beta'. A beta item is from the beta period, and has nothing to do with rarity or how hard it is to trade for.

Orange Beard

Ok. Don't laugh. I know it sounds silly. But the orange beard has only 1 of its kind. YOU HEARD ME RIGHT, 1!

I have an orange beard I am jammer2981718, please trade me for it :) I'm not lying. there are plenty of orange beards, but it's so uncommon to find one, its less common than beta tiaras and founders hats! So how could it not be rare? I think that an item is rare if you like it, not its value. that's what trading SHOULD be about

I HAVE SEEN A PERSON WITH AN ORANGE BEARD. I don't really think that there is only 1 orange beard. They are super uncommon! I have only seen about 1 or 2 people with an orange beard. I seen 1 on trade. I tried to trade rares for it, and the person wouldn't accept. Is it really worth several betas and spikes?

I have one even though I am a nonmember. I rarely see people with orange beards, so everyone thinks its 'not rare' but it actually is. It's the rarest out of all the other beards. Some people think its some worthless item, well I'm afraid they are very very wrong.

Worn Blanket

'Cause it's good for non-members to finally have rares. And it's one of the most rarest non-member rares.

I have like a million and there super easy to get ya know ill tell you if you buddy me I am code5895

I don't get how worns are hard to get their clothing betas their everywhere the black one is like four den betas I believe so

Worn blankets are super duper rare! They are also a beta item! I tried so hard to trade them a rare fox hat for a worn and I got one! I was so happy because I got my first beta item from somebody!

Someone once offered a rare worn (that nice pale blue one) for one of my betas. Though the trade just went off. I wasn't going to say yes, since rare worn is a Monday rare, though after, I checked in my storage if the beta was still there, just in case if it was some sort of scam or hack. When I did, it was still there.

Rare Spike

People who have rare longs or shorts are really picky about them. There are multiple colors such as pink, yellow, orange, black, blue, green, red, and purple. The most rare is black, and the least rare is orange. People usually trade betas and rare wrists for rare spikes. The order of how rare they are is actually based on their color and if they're short or long. Most people get spikes by trading ultra good things, or playing the adventure: The Forgotten Desert. I used to have a red short, but it got scammed. People would do anything to get rare spikes, even threaten people that they would scam and hack their account. If they do, just report and leave. Most people don't even put their spikes on trade because it is too valuable.

People I know are SUPER PICKY about their spikes like I gifted one of my friends my extra pink short spike and she said " I wish it were a black one like the one your wearing. HEY CAN I HAVE YOUR SPIKE? " and I'm here like " if you know how I feel why would you say that like you out me in such an uncomfortable situation like you know I'm not happy you know that I'm trying "

Rare spikes have different colors such as, pink, yellow orange, green, blue, black and purple, many jammers want rare spikes, there is also long and short, longs are WAY rarer than shorts. They look good on arctic wolves ( My opinion ) and I have been trying to get a Black long collar and black long wristband for months! They are the rarest of spikes.

But, I think rare spike is not really that rare anymore because now members can obtain it from The Forgotten Desert adventure.

Neon Blue Bow

I didn't even know this item existed, but I want one. I will offer. My user is bunniesareawesome136.

I love this item but I never had one its like my dream item I don't want a headdress a long spike a founder... what I really want is a neon bow. If your kind enough please can you gift too me one I will gift back a black short wrist if you will my username is.. milly50491 thank you lol..

I am trying to find one, it's so imposable! by the way I'm a 8 year old kid, I found out this website

I traded someone who had three of the neon bow and arrows : a rare green long spike wrist, a rare short blue spike wrist, a beta moon dirt flooring, rare black bow and arrows, rare raspberry bow and arrows (rarest of rare bow and arrows), and a red fox hat for one and they accepted so happy.


I have never seen a, "scully" as they are very rare item. I had first found it on YouTube, and the video was called, "Animal Jam Beta Footage", or something like that. I would love to have them, but, unfortunately, AJHQ had hacked into the beta accounts, and they removed them. They took this action because on a panda, it looked, "inappropriate." The reason why I say, "beta accounts," is because at the time, they were only in the beta Animal Jam website, in witch have been completely
Updated. Some people, however, are still lucky enough to have them. I think all AJ accounts that had a panda, and a scully, are unfortunate. Maybe some people who still have one, got a panda and got it removed by AJHQ because of their action taken by getting a panda. Please, if you enjoyed, gift me, I just got ban, and my spike collar, a rare blue long, got scammed. My username is sandstorm339, and please, gift me unwanted. Thank you for your time reading this, hop you enjoyed :3

I have never seen anyone with a "scully," as it is called. Could someone please tell me what it looks like? And I'm sure that when they introduced this item, pandas were not available as an animal in-game, so they could not account for this "weirdness." Perhaps they are so difficult to find because AJHQ hacked everyone's inventory and removed the scully from it, so they wouldn't have to worry about people's cute pandas looking inappropriate. But that is just my theory, don't take my word for it. P:

These are the rarest item in the whole game. They were deleted from the game because they looked really weird an inappropriate on pandas... So ya.. But add me! My user is gabirocks. please send me unwanted items and stuff please! I was hacked! :(

Okay, I don't know when these were sold. Listen, I don't care if they were sold in the beta days, they were like 10 gems. 10 GEMS that's it! If these were sold in the beta days, that doesn't ALWAYS mean they're super super rare. Beta days sold MOST rare things. How did beta days become so rare in the first place? Just because they left the shop? seriously?


Why is this not number one!?!?!? Tbh I've only ever seen two jammers with this!

This is one of the rarest items even more than the rare headdress this should be higher than 10.

Least rarest is rare headdress. They're worth a decent colored rare long spike collar, and a black long spike wrist. Non rare is worth two black longs and some decent betas. Pink is worth seven black longs.

People Have Offered Me Founders, Black Long Etc For My Pink And Purple Headdress So Its Pretty Rare. Non Rare Headdresses Are Way Rarer Than Rare Headdress by the way

The Contenders

Pirate Sword

I will do ANYTHING for a pirate sword! Though they look very much alike, normal swords have the members only lock on it, while the pirate sword is non member. It is a very valuable beta, should be right up there or even above rare spikes!

I personally think green is the rarest since I traded a rare fox hat and another rare (can't remember which one) for a green pirate sword and they accepted, and then I traded it for a pink one and they accepted, and I got another green one soon after (a gift from my super-rare buddy) and traded it successfully for a blue pirate sword. The pirate swords are incredibly rare and they are also from the beta days. You don't find many of them around anymore (especially the blue,red,and black ones) and only super rare jammers have one.

For all of you that want a pirate sword jam gram me your offers and I might trade you one JUST JOKING I will give anybody one I know a way to get them of forgotten desert and return of the phantoms hard mode even that one cosmo adventure

I traded someone my red pirate sword for their rare long red spike wrist and they...ACCEPTED! However, I have to admit they only over traded me because they were one of my best friends, we hang out all the time(in reality and in game), and it was a favor to me since my birthday was coming up and I had traded her a neon bow and arrow for her rare pink bow and arrows for her b-day. Still, it was pretty exciting for me since red was the only color wrist I didn't have. One of my buddies collect these as well (he has 12 so far) and he over traded me with cami's frog, blue beta mat, and rare light blue fox hat for my blue sword because it was the ONLY one he didn't have and never had.

Fox Hat

Hey everybody! This is iloveicecreamfrozen (my account username) I have a fox hat and everyone kept saying gimme the fox hat! I kept saying it wasn't for trade! Gosh now people think fox hats are adorable. I would trade anything for all the fox hats on animal jam! Now I see a lot a people surrounding me like I'm famous! Gosh I think that some people want to become rare. In my opinion everybody is special. Non rare people rare people. Still be kind and trade fair one person kept trying because mine was once on trade they were like trading me rare bows I kept declining sorry but I like the following: red light orange and white fox hats. If you would like to trade please trade me either white or red. At the moment I have light orange if anybody is happy enough to donate a fox hat for my good and nice friend Fredric101 she's really nice and really upset she really wants one. By the way I'll trade it for a rare headress ok? Ok now I wanted to say everybody is rare! I do not care about ...more

I remember when fox hats were just an item that said "rare" and everybody went on and on with how they aren't rare. Now people are always trying to get my pink fox hat. I guess people recycled them for money since they didn't think they were rare anymore and now very few people have them. I am: miahappyheart

I fox hats are so popular! They should be higher on the list because, EVERYBODY (or close to) wants them. I have 4 right now (possibly more later) and people keep asking for mine. They are so cool, they cost 1,250 gems. And people have to trade 3 to 4 RARES to get a fox hat.

Rare red fox hats are the rarest, most popular, and most in demand- They're worth a good colored rare long spike wrist or maybe several REAL den betas (depending on trade, of course). Dark orange is the least rarest, and most unwanted, but still worth a decent den beta or two, or a rare bow and arrow. The other fox hats are worth anything in the middle.

Rare Spike Wrist Band

I honestly think that a rare spike wrist band and a rare spiked collar should be both equally rare. Am I the only one that believes this?

I totally agree with everyone who says that these should be up a bit higher

The only reason it isn't rare than a spike collar is because it is smaller and barely anyone cares about it. It's all about opinion these days.

I think the wristbands aren't as rare as collars because you can't really see them, they look a bit small on animals.

Horse Coin

I think this is even rarer than an orange beard, or at least close to it. It should at least be higher up than this though. It's not #21!

This item is very hard to get, and you can get it on The Forgotten Desert. I am getting an owl soon to get a Horse Coin, so check me out if you want one, I know all the codes and the order to put the crystals in. I am sandstorm339, so go ahead and check me out! :3

I think the horse coin is the rarest because there is only ONE IN THE GAME. I forget who it is owned by. People think that they can be gotten in the forgotten desert. Nope!

I mean, these were removed from the game, and are very rare, so I think they should be higher.

Rare Worn

The purple rare worn is extremely uncommon I think it should be worth more "my opinion" but most people probably recycled them because they where in the 1st leap year party in Animal nam

I have the rare purple worn and people keep asking me to put it on trade. But wasn't it sold last leap year? I don't know because I started half a year ago

The purple worn is really rare. It is worth a Bad-Decent Long collar and is the rarest worn! The blue one is not so rare, only worth 2-4 rims, but it's still pretty!

Ooh I have one too but I traded it away for something I don't really remember

Eyeball Hat

If the beta one is magenta with peach eyelash and veins then I'm dead because I had one and someone traded me 3 black longs and then declined I almost flipped them off.3.

These things are actually pretty rare! Especially the beta eyeball. Trust me, they're worth more than headdresses. I know you don't believe me but they are.

Eyeball hats are really beta. When you know you hit jackpot is when you get the one with peach eyelashes. those are worth founders! I think in 2014 for Halloween they put it for sale. can't remember though

I see people with them sometimes I think a lot of things on this list are old animal jam things! And old animal jam things are so rare and awesome

River Race

I have only seen 5 around and there this glitch where it makes you go to the finish line fast! Someone said they give me black long if I can beat them but they keep cheating and this glitch works for all games with multiplier except best dress falling phantoms gem breaker and yea

This was deleted except for the den item version. I've only seen a couple of them ever.

I have only seen one ever.

I have only seen 2 so they should be on the list maybe not 1 but at least 5.

Epic Plushies

I see a lot of people with a ton of epic plushies. People might demand a rare spike, wrist, or headdress (might be an over pay) if people want it. I try to ask what for the epic plushies and people say: rare spikes! Rare wrists! Black longs! I'm never getting one.

I have two epic plushies (a giraffe and penguin) and I got them from someone who had a lot of money and bought a bunch of them. The only thing I will ever trade them for are other epic plushies.

You buy them from aj outfitters because if you get an epic plushie I will never trade it because were dealing with actual money just think of what your parents are paying for you they pay $15.95 dollars for something and you just trade it?!?! Just think of the money they're spending.

I really don't get why lots of people don't have one I have looked and looked but I can't find anybody who wants to trade them or anybody who has one

Cami Frog

cami frogs are just cool and cute. plus they are worth a decent long wrist.

It's a toy and it's the shape of a frog... let me see, how is it called? Ah yes cami frog!

I have been playing from when the game came out and everyone that joined got a cami frog for free

Umm, this is on the list. 0-0

Light Purple Gazelle Horns

These aren't that rare, but at least they're rarer than some non member rare item other than a worn blanket.

Extremely rare ; only known pair belongs to snowy claw. They are worth about a few spikes or some founders.

A lot of people confuse these horns with the light and dark purple gazelle horns. The real purple gazelle horns released during Beta Testing is purple and brown. Rarely have I seen this item, so it must be much rarer than 19th on this list. -beachfun

This is rare at all they currently are in stores

Mira Statue

Sigh... people are really bad these days. I won't beg for one but some random person came to my den and said, "GIMME YOUR MIRA STATUE OR I WILL GET IT MYSELF" I didn't believe that they could actually do anything, but I went on a few days later and it wasn't there. People these days...

I agree mira statues are extremely beta. I'd say they're worth... a beta phantom statue. I don't go after the golden bronze ones but I like the clear ice ones, cause they look better in my opinion

I always have wanted 1 I did not know they were worth 19#! I almost got 1 by a person giving it away. they said they would send it to me but somebody butted in and shouted NO ME SEND IT TO ME! I was so disappointed

I have 1 and it is very beta and rare I got it from a giant overtrade! :D

Tiki Mask

Tikis, ahh, quite old items, were sold in the beta as a matter of fact! They are quite rare, and hard to achieve, they come in a wide variety of colors, from blue to tan, these old items are darn right rare! They are also hard to find and jammers won't accept as often as they would of you were trading for a fox hat, if any of you jammers have them congrats, if you don't I hope you get one soon.

Well I didn't know they were that rare before now..( but I think mine was from the friendship event ), I traded mine for a painting ( And many other things, DANG It cost me an arm and a leg! ) But I wish I had kept it now..

Tiki Masks are kinda creepy, but I still collect them cause they're beta

I have a scary tiki mask but it isn't worth the value of a real tiki mask

Spaceship Grey

Nothing is really rare anymore even a long black spike if your a member and has an eagle you can become really rare in weeks I got my space ship gray from the eagle adventure :T and a green spike neon bow and more

This is actually pretty beta still, but a lot of other things are better than it.

I seen 1 of those in my life O. O

I have a Spaceship Grey.

Brown Beard

Look there are to many beards but I heard all this from other people

Its more more beta then the rare 1 its true

I only have a cream but yea there is

Wait there is a brown beard?

Bow and Arrow

I have a rare raspberry bow and arrow which are the rarest of the bow and arrows, believe me. It took me a month to get one. I also have two non rare bows.

I have one and jammers keep asking me for it its so annoying

I also have a rare raspberry bow and arrow. Accepting the WORST rare long spiked collar for it!

Rare bow and arrows people been trying in the return of the phantoms to get 1.

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