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181 Diamond Earrings

I really don't know if the diamond earings are very rare any more but I have a fox and they look like trash on my fox so I nmight sell them if you have a spike collar please please please gift it to me I will give you the beta earings (if you have extra spike collar gift them to me cutebunny63547 to get a beta earings)

182 Golden Lava Glove V 2 Comments
183 Knitted Hat

This is a beanie and it is sold during the Summer Carnival.

Is the summer carnival over?

I recycle my knitted hats they are in mount shiveer people even check out yourselves! These aren't near to beta - allara43aj

184 Rare Werewolf Mask

I have a rare werewolf mask, is it beta or something?

I don't know But Its Needed

185 Pet Geckos

The pets? Yeah, these are such cuties! I love my Pookypaw so much. - Winterush

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186 NM Unicorn Horn

NM unicorn horns were in the beta days I assume - allara43aj

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187 Neon Bow

Isn't this item number 6 in the top 10 list of this? - allara43aj

I have one, I'm th3catg03s if you want it, jag me. (yes I'm nonmember but this is my spare)

Normally because you don't see neon bows much
There rare they don't give them much in eagle
There beta :P there worth much

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188 Toilet Paper

These were sold in the beta times. I think that they are the most rare thing on animal jam. I think they are worth three founder hats, a black ( long) spike!

This should be way higher. I never seen one before!

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189 Pearly Tiara

I had my rare long purple on my trade when this Jammer traded me 4 pearly tiaras! I haven't figured out the difference between store bought pearly or beta pearly I declined though. - allara43aj

These are extremely rare, and, according to the Animal Jam Rares List, They are the rarest item!

It's the milky colour with the pink gem

190 Beta Eyeball

It is VERY rare and is different from other eyeball masks. Some people say that there is only FOUR ever made. Though, I'm not sure if still out there, it is VERY rare

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191 Medusa Mask V 1 Comment
192 Glitched Sweater

These are glitched but only worth a good short wristband I have one to save for when I'm a non member-allara43 - allara43aj

193 Glitched Yeti Face

These are kinda beta they worth few good shorts. - allara43aj

194 Tie Dye T-Shirt

I have a tie die T-shirt at the moment on my animal jam account, witch is (scoa333) and it goes SO well with almost everything! I definitely recommend them but they are not in stores any more so you can trade them.

Look, their back in stores. I just might have to get this.

Seriously why is this above bat mask

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195 Bat Mask

Really, I have a bat mask I got it from de forgotten desert

There are very few left 030

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196 Rare Mech Angel Wings

Wasn't this on one of the previous pages? :/

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197 Rare Fancy Shoes
198 Non Rare Long Spike Collar
199 Viking Hat

It's one of the hardest betas to find

200 Rare Viking Hat

I had two and some other things and I traded them for a spike wrist I find these things are just what we need-secretkittencrystal

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