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201 Seal Plushie

How is this rare exactly? U can get it from the claw.

Yeah it is weird someone trade me fox hat for it

202 Beta Wood Floor

I have seen more than seven people who have it. There are more like 20 to 30 who have it. Possibly more.

I want to have beta wooden floor...But it so...Hard to get beta wooden floor beta wooden floor is like a cami frog sooo hard to get :(((((((

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203 Tan Carpet

Owned by a few jammers and is a good den beta :3

I saw Birthdayboyblam170 spam this place with comments. She's got one. Also, her den looks AMAZING. Shame she scams and HACKS. - Winterush

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204 Rare Tiara

I got it from an adventure first time in hard mode :3

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205 Rare Jamaaliday Top Hat

It is really rare and hard to get but is not cool looking and it is on my trade in animal jam so if you want to trade for it my username is amessier25

206 Non Member Wings

Mostly rare, I have some if you wanna offer -Puppylove196
Worth maybe black long and glitch silver nerds... So if you undertreaded your lucky, mine got gifted :D

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207 Rare Sunglass

Even though I don't put my pair on trade, people still ask me a lot if I can trade them. So, they r Pretty rare. :3

This sunglass! Everyone try to get it from my trade! So this is how much rare it is!

Some loved them so much that they hacked me

208 Green Worn

Actually a green worn is real my sister got one in the Forgotten Dessert.

By Far still a rare item, but it is the lowest in quality of worns.

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209 Rare Mech Wings V 3 Comments
210 Pink Beta Tail
211 Bat Glasses

By far the rarest item ever I traded four founders and a black long collar for one

I have bat glasses on trade and a rare rhino helmet ps name is lemonpaws

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212 The Pillbox Hat

I have only seen one

213 Imprisoned Phantoms

Seriously, u can buy these items from the adventure camp. :l

Have you ever seen one? Three phantoms in a cage in the wall. These are so cool, I really want one, but the hype has moved off them. FOR NOW. - Winterush

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214 The Claw

I have always collected claw until my sister got scammed and I gave her all mine. Then I ended up trading them away.

215 Raspberry Furry Hat

The solid rasberry colored one, this is not the rarest but I still think I should put it on the list. Offers for it are probably more than for black longs!

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216 Bronze Giraffe Statue

I have one, everyone wants it when they see it.

It is super rare and beta. If you look it up, it is supposed
To be worth a rare spike collar or headdress. I got one in trade I traded two betas. My username is fivenightsatturtles, and I hope they soon advance in the rankings

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217 Nerd Glasses

? why are people keep on repeating the items?

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218 Glitched Brown Cupid Wings

These have increased in popular tie due to the fact some famous hammers are collecting them and recycling all of theirs there are only about 200 left in game so if you have any be sure to keep them you might end up rarer than Julian2!

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219 Rhino Helmet

I have a rare one. I'm rockerohlover, please trade me something good when I'm online! if I'm offline send me a jamagram,sorry if they are ignored

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220 Spartan Armor

I have one spartan armor, and is it super beta? I don't know but I love it so much :)!

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