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221 Imprisoned Phantoms

Seriously, u can buy these items from the adventure camp. :l

Have you ever seen one? Three phantoms in a cage in the wall. These are so cool, I really want one, but the hype has moved off them. FOR NOW. - Winterush

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222 The Claw

I have always collected claw until my sister got scammed and I gave her all mine. Then I ended up trading them away.

223 Raspberry Furry Hat

The solid rasberry colored one, this is not the rarest but I still think I should put it on the list. Offers for it are probably more than for black longs!

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224 Bronze Giraffe Statue

I have one, everyone wants it when they see it.

It is super rare and beta. If you look it up, it is supposed
To be worth a rare spike collar or headdress. I got one in trade I traded two betas. My username is fivenightsatturtles, and I hope they soon advance in the rankings

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225 Nerd Glasses

? why are people keep on repeating the items?

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226 Glitched Brown Cupid Wings

These have increased in popular tie due to the fact some famous hammers are collecting them and recycling all of theirs there are only about 200 left in game so if you have any be sure to keep them you might end up rarer than Julian2!

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227 Rhino Helmet

I have a rare one. I'm rockerohlover, please trade me something good when I'm online! if I'm offline send me a jamagram,sorry if they are ignored

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228 Spartan Armor

I have one spartan armor, and is it super beta? I don't know but I love it so much :)!

229 Raspberry Bow (Rare)

I have one it was so hard to get and I love it if you wanna trade buddy me (ilovellamas12)

230 Star Cape

The star cape is a beta item and super rare
I have a star cape its not rare though.

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231 Rare Head Feather

I don't know what its worth really but I have 1. And a lot of people trade really good stuff for it, its like a non member headdress; in fact less people have these than NON RARE headdresses so yeah. I had to trade a fox hat and a green pirate sword for JUST ONE. Was that fair really? A lot of people beg me for it, some offers pirate swords, others worn blankets, rare mechs, normal mechs, and one time a fox hat, worn, AND a rare but they canceled :(. But I'm pretty sure its worth that and more..? And you no whats really hilarious?! A bunch o' members were wearing them and going, "I'm SUPER RARE YAYYÝYÝYY! "

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232 Tan Tiki

The Tan Tiki is a very rare Mask and only a few Jammers have as a clothing item. You could buy this item in the beta days which was in 2010 and 2011. Many people who have this item ask for 10 Black long collars or 5 Non rare Headresses for them. If you had one for you're own I would keep it at least

Hey everyone I'm Maelinthewolf on Aj buddy me! My instagram is Lps_Maelin! - Maelinthewolf

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233 Ice Staff

The Ice Staff is a unreleased item and is a long piece of a Ice and then a somewhat like crstyal on it. Only 1 Jammer had it but it got took off her Account as she got it. AJHQ asks for you to pay 70$ U.S.A Which is not okay. - Maelinthewolf

234 Sunglasses

I'm not to sure these are a beta but there super awesome! They used to be sold in Jam Mart Clothing. Unfortunately they took them out. I got sunglasses today (September 1rst 2013, Tuesday). I don't think there hard to get I traded them for a winter wishing well.- lillylovestone

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235 Red Necklace V 1 Comment
236 Fern
237 Rare Butterfly Wings

These wings are wing you don't see jammers wearing much

238 Rare Glove

Rare glove is the rarest thing on animal jam and a hair dress is not even rare...


I'm getting tired of posting on all I see. Yep, I've got one! Wi- okay MIGHT trade. - Winterush

239 Pigtails

I'm girlbamboo and I have black piggies and I know a couple of people who have over traded like a long I declined because its such an over trade but in my opinion black piggies are worth around a party hat or something or blue shag carpet and some betas Who agrees?

Who wants to trade for my white pair I will only accept yellow long collar or black long collar! I'm rebecca1240

I've got some pink ones, who wants to overtrade? Username: MissPinkRebelle

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240 Reward Plaque

EXTREMELY RARE! I heard Julian2 has the only one. They look just like the howl plaque but have a different tag.

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