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241 Birthstone

Only available for a month. Must be rare then.

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242 Rare Vine Bracelet

It is a VERY cool rare, one person traded it to me... I'm loving it!

It's rare item monday

243 Rare Monster Teeth

I got this rare item on rare Monday it looks very cool my user is Seal28700.

244 Rare Pigtails

These are rare

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245 Zios Sculpture

My username on an is goopy40 and currently I have one Zios Mask on animal jam. Many people have been trying to trade it so I will say it is worth several good betas, and a few decent rares.

246 Glitched Turquoise Ring

This is like the rarest ever! I have always wanted one if you will accept a Rare blue short spike I'm cdoglol2004 on Animal Jam!

247 Snowman Mask

I think it is a beta I don't know yet.I do have 1 though.I think its worth flip flops or something like that.

248 Football V 2 Comments
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