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241 Rare Gazelle Horns

Yay I have some! They are worth a full list of den betas or something, correct me if I'm wrong.

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242 Rare Mech Helmet

Because you can't get these anywhere, you name it.

I have both the wings and the matching rare helmet

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243 Rare Scary Black Cat Hat

Please trade me one! I am Chicken8898

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244 Freedom Mask

I have one but I don't know if its that rare my user is BrokenInsidee

245 (Fancy) Top Hat V 3 Comments
246 Dark Red Arctic Hood

This dark red color wasnt a avaible color when the artic hood was in stores and the artic hood also isn't in the eagle adventure so I don't know how it got out there but it's there

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247 Clover Blanket

Not that rare. My storage account has one and I've seen a bunch if other jammers have it

Clover blankets are great for getting adopted, I got one from bitter sweets and have used it ever since

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248 Horned Leg Pads

I have like 3 of these, but I don't think you can buy them from the store. You probably have to trade or use a claw.

If anyone wants some I'll give some away, I think I have like a million from the claw in the trading party!

I get this like every time in return of the phantoms how did this item get on this list anyway?! - allara43aj

There should be magenta necklace here 0_0

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