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41 Glitched Ring V 3 Comments
42 Top Hat

I'm pretty sure there beta but I may be wrong. I just got one from the Eagle adventure, making it less rare because more people are getting them each day. But still I think there beta.

They are beats I guess I have a pink one and people trade me the brown and pink one for my pink all I know that these would be like another top hat or two

I couldn't believe how happy I was. Now I have 2 top hats... My first would be the pink one. My second was the multi-colored blue top hat!

I have a black and white top hat plus there like worth a rare short collar combiNed with a rhino helmet

I've got a pink one, that + 2 bow and arrows and some other stuff for the rare claw or epic panda plushie

V 15 Comments
43 Cami Frog

It's a toy and it's the shape of a frog... let me see, how is it called? Ah yes cami frog!

How do you get that? It beta and is there code for it?

My buddy masternibblenuggets has one and she also has a lot of other den betas but she will never ever trade it except if someone is trading her a rare spike collar or a headdress

Umm, this is on the list. 0-0

V 8 Comments
44 Mech Angel Wings

I used to have all the mech angle wings but soon, a member came along and said she would trade me all the coloured rare spike for it. I said no because imma non member and can't wear spikes and she got really angry and hacked me so all my wings were gone! I cried for at least a hour! but my very nice member bff in reallife gave me her rare mech angle wings and I'm really happy. I traded it for a rare bunny hat in 2014. check me out guys! my user is fuzem and I don't look rare but I am

I have all the collections but then traded them out for other rares because I stopped liking them

I have 2 rare ones and 4 non rare ones but nobody would want to trade their's.

I got all the colors the last one I got was black and I was so happy when got it

I have rare mech angle wings by the way my user name is jjdboss

V 27 Comments
45 Red Long Spike V 1 Comment
46 NM Glove

I got a Rare Glove in the first adventure. wolf302 I will go with anyone just jam-a-gram me.

Lol. this nm really wanted my glove and she traded me a rare nerd for it I'm like

I have the magenta and green glove there beta by the way I'm rebecca1240

My favorite one is the silver one

V 6 Comments
47 Rare Raspberry Bow

The most rare bow out of of the bows not many people have them

Easily the rarest of the rare bow and arrows. You can't get them in adventures so they are worth awesome beta and rare spike wrists.

The rarest color rare bow and arrow. They are VERY uncommon and difficult to find.

I have them! I got them in Bitter Sweets

V 11 Comments
48 Non Rare Headdress

I think Non Rare Headdress is the rarest because there is like maybe I do not know like 50 of each or so.
I am wolf302 anyone know what looks good with a red worn please tell me, I got one and I would like to know I got it in the first adventure on hard mode I would like to get a black one and if someone would like to trade me send me a jam-a-gram please

In my opinion the regular orange one looks better than the purple rare one. These things were selling like hotcakes in 2013 they were in Jam Mart Clothing.

They are extremely rare the rare one was once sold on a Rare Monday back probably in 2012 I was there

The non rare should be high up in no. 1

V 11 Comments
49 Beta Arctic Hood

I think since famous jammers say so, and my self, that this is 1 of the rarest

My friend says this is worth a light pink headdress! How is this 55?

I got traded 5 black longs, and a founders for my beta Arctic hood!

I think that it's really stupid that this isn't like number 4 on this list. It is way rarer than any headress or spike or founder... it's beta and was only out for like a couple days... man people... KNOW YOUR RARES!

V 5 Comments
50 Designer Skirt

It not the rarest item around but people give good deals for mine

I think it is a very good item and I have loads my username is starstablerocks9 and I will tell you how to get one

V 4 Comments
51 Creature Mask

You totally over traded for the clover fountain beta creature masks are worth a lot!

I had a pink one and I traded it for a beta clover fountain. Is that worth it? Reply

These probably went down because they were in stores for Halloween.

Don't you mean beta creature mask?

V 7 Comments
52 White Gazelle Horns

Also have just came out in stores so any member can bye them now (not rare)!

No more white gazelle horns in the tree house.

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53 Light Pink Headdress

This is SO rare! It should really be in the top ten!

Light pink headdresses are really rare. They are worth 4 black longs and add!
Light pink headdresses are many jammers dream items including mine.
Good luck getting one but it will be really hard...

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54 Black Spike Collar

I hate spikes (except for the blue and green spikes) and it's annoying how they are EVERYWHERE. They only seem rare because; 1.They could have been beta. 2. A common prize in the eagle adventure and 3. They came out in the diamond shop somewhere in between the other two matters. And now with the story of spikes:
Spikes came out in beta testing, and were like the other betas until... They came out in the diamond shop, but not the rare ones. It's the rare ones that were rare, and since they were in the diamond shop, they went out and the forgotten desert was made. So lots of people got rare spikes, and it it was like that until aj found that spikes were in REALLY high demand and they brought back the Diamond spikes for some weekend days in October. People know they are "rare" so I wouldn't be surprised if lots of people bought like,7 of them.

Black spikes are super hard to get, some people have traded 4 longs and betas for one.

Spikes are actually really rare

Yeh I love this one

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55 Gold Brick

These are in epic wonders but hard to get cause they cost 10,000 gems (what a rip off! ) and I HAVE 100,000 GEMS RIGHT NOW BUT I CAN ONLY BUY 10 OF THESE (seriously?! )

... you can but it from epic wonders NO NEED TO BE IN THIS LIST! But it is very expense

They are a rip off not just because of they're price, but because they are tiny.

Well it is GOLD after all

V 4 Comments
56 Short Black Spike

They are so hard to find I have been looking for one forever. anyways my username is - party in the usa la you can gift me and I gift back

This should be higher than the wristbands...

These I think are more rare than black longs! I only know one person who has it: WisteriaMoon

V 5 Comments
57 Robot

They can be obtained in adventures, but to me they are still pretty uncommon, correct me if I am wrong

I got traded one for my pot of gems, what is it worth?

V 2 Comments
58 Love Dove

I don't think these exist because animal jam is a Kids website, so I don't think "love doves" would be appropriate. I am Jammer78z46.

What is a love dove?

This doesn't make sense, I've never heard of it, and I've never seen it in the game.

I looked it up and they do not even exist in AJ!

V 15 Comments
59 Phantom Armor

I have all the phantom armor parts but I am looking for a headdress or a rare spike. They are pretty good items and I enjoy them. my username is amazing31877

Oh you can get it from lucky clovers epic chest

I'm willing to trade my rare nerd glasses for it. My username is Niightmoon.

I hate the phantom head lol

V 8 Comments
60 Backpack

Backpacks are super good for role play and they really bring out the style in you. Look stylish and cool!

They were pretty rare then they came out in stores they go on off in stores a lot

Pretty sure that they are rare, and it's just a nice item to have around, especially if your doing a school roleplay. Just saying.

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