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61 Cupcake Hat

Ya I traded someone a glove you can get at epic wonders she said yes. wolf302 here asking if you guys know a good outfit with is

They Are super cool looking and they are rare!

I have one but they aren't that rare.

This was a rare item monday thing!

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62 Freedom Cape

I have got one and it's not a very fancy, it's kinda ugly but whatever got lots of friends who would want a free freedom cape laugh out loud

I have one, if you want it I can sell it for a very low price! - Winterush

63 Tail Armor

I do not like the diamond shop I was super rare and now most items I have can be bought in it

I believe there are four "rare" tail armors. People may call them "beta" tails, but they are in fact not from beta. I have the purple one. I really hope it's not released in the diamond shop. I am: miahappyheart

The beta ones should be about #12 or something. I have a pink beta tail. Jamagram my alt of you would like to trade for it. My alt is jammer10173

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64 Wood Floor

I got one today (March 29, 2014) and it looks so cool!

I got my wooden floor form the eagle adventure

I have this and traded a spike wrist for it

I don't like wood floor that much

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65 Don't Touch Sign

I have do not press sign and warning sign and zany item they are invisible but when you place it in your den its visible - allara43aj

Unfortunately not rare anymore, they were for sale on Halloween 2015.

Whadda heck is this ps if you have one I will trade my designer skirt or beta gumball machine

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66 Necklace

Believe it or not, these ARE beta! As well as sky blue! Just because you can buy something now, doesn't mean you couldn't get it earlier.

How are these beta? These things are like the lowest things.

Someday these WILL be out of store. I'll bet a spike on that :3 and people will be overtrading for it because nobody bothered to get one, because they though they would NEVER be rare. Also, they are kinda cool. - Winterush

Well they have been here that long, do look quite good on some animals, do get one b4 they is gon!

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67 Nature Archway

Oh yeah I can remember I nearly got one there like beta or something I have a rare headdress and somebody traded a nature arch for it but I said no was that an overtrade?

(Angelpup146050 again) most people want the spring nature archway (it has flowers) I got one with vines. I used to think they worth few betas or rare lion plushie. I that rare lion plushie because they both a monthly member item but I don't know when archways came out. (Rare lions were 2011 I'm pretty sure) maybe they worth a rare claw (another monthly item) not much people have the Lave archway, some have the ice one, the flowery spring like one is not that common but mostly wanted for its looks, I mostly see the vine summer type one (I have it and I love it). The ice archway is the only archway that doesn't have a moving liquid. People don't really want archways for the rarity, but for the looks. People tend to over trade for them like trading rare long spikes, (long orange might be suitable) but a few betas or golden lava/monster/legendary glove are suitable. The den betas might be Cami's frog, or beta mats (must add) or 2 gecko plushie a (might need to add) hope this helps.

You get claws in Forgotten Desert, I did the other day. I have a lava nature archway, people say their extremely beta :3

These are really rare because u can't get them in eagle adventure.

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68 Head Feather

I love head feathers. My personal favorite is the rare. By the way I got a ninja mask. Worth anything here?

I think they should be further up on the list! whenever I trade for one I always get rejected

They are pretty good they are the nm version of the headdress and that is one of the best items in the game so they should be right below headdress.

Yes, a head feather.

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69 Beta Creature Mask V 5 Comments
70 Porch Swing

I know this is a little fun beta and it's hard to get but lets all agree that it's a wonderful item to have. Okay?

Traded mine in for a red top hat, a brown beard (red tip) and rare nerd glasses.

71 Diamond Spike Collar

They are not very good items, they were in the diamond shop a bit ago, rare spike, and longs are way rarer

It is a good item in the game,I got one from the diamond shop. I love it!

I love diamond shop spikes I have a silver and white one with a matching wrist a gold and yellow one with matching wrist and a bluish purplish one with matching wrist there so colourful and if any of u want one I'm quitting animaljam so send me a jam a gram I'm Sunnydays99

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72 Rare Nerd Glasses

This might sound really silly, but if you ever wanna trade a nm. This is not a member's only item. And it is also very rare.

I was wondering when this would ever pop up! they are way rarer than 181! thou I have to admit there are quiet alo of people with it

I am willing to trade my rare nerd glasses for phantom armor. My username is Niightmoon. You can get phantom armor from the search for greely hard mode.

Much Nerd. Very Nonmember

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73 Yellow Sweets

I have them and so many people trade for mine

Have one, but I will not part with it except for a really good rare, like a headdress or BLSC (Black long spiked collar) - Winterush

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74 Black Rare Spike Wristband

Rarest item ever, I've wanted one for ages!

I'm kinda poor in aj,so please if somebody has an unwanted 1 can I please have it these r worth probably a ton of betas.My username is makaylaisawsome.

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75 Halo

Depends, they come out every Halloween so they aren't exactly rare or beta, but they're pretty cool to have, and occasionally someone does an over trade for them.

I have a halo but I don't know what its worth

I trade my spike for it then I got hacked

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76 Tan Headdress

Headdresses are AWESOME so why not

77 Phantom Rug

I have noticed that these are so rare I never find them - I have only seen them once!

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78 Ninja Mask

I have a green ninja mask and a black. What is the green one worth? Please tell me my username is fuzzerwuzzer

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79 Plushie

I love plushie and when people make plushie store but I think that it should be in the top items

This is sad it is worth nothing the claw is not a scam it is real and does work

Seriously, I had like 100 of these when I was new... above a beta flooring, moon dirt?!

Rare? Pftt... you can get them from any claw game in aj. These shouldn't be on the list.

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80 Mech Helmet

I used to have a mech I traded it +3 other items for a short rare spike collar

I got one of these, and I traded it with a rare elf helmet for a blue shag carpet. I'm so happy.

I'm dying for one right now. I'm fuzem and I will trade a rare candy socks, diamond snowman family, bunny statue for it!

They are kind of rare. I have a magenta one

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