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121 Epic Dragon Mask

I was at a Trading Party, and someone said "Trade me Freedom Hats! I have to have 100 of them by the end of the term! ". I traded them two Freedom Hats and they traded me two Epic Dragon Masks. I know they are now sold at the Epic Wonders, but they must be rare somehow. I went to a fashion show today and I came first. I won a Golden Phantom! Afterwards someone traded me a Rare Cupcake Hat and a Rare Curly Wig. I am not sure if those two rares are really that rare, but someone traded them to me for the Epic Dragon Mask even though it can be bought at the Epic Wonders!

It seems ridiculous that they did that trade. It was like when one time I had a Freedom Fox Hat (from the Freedom Party, by the way) and a Rare Glove. I traded them both to someone for a Rare Fox Hat (orange) and they accepted! I was quite happy about it because I got scammed recently with my dark blue Rare Fox Hat by this stupid lion called Awesome... I can't remember the rest.

They said ...more

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122 Witch Hat
123 Rare Halo (Black)

Wow lucky you! Rare headdresses are so much more rare then black rare halos your so lucky

Well I don't really know if this was fair but someone was desprate and gave me a rare headdress for my halo...

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124 Traffic Cone

I don't know what that is my username is- party in the usa la

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125 Large Painted Pot

I think the small one is worth a good bit.

Painted pots are an average beta

I have a small one.

This is a beta

126 Fish Fountain

If you are a flying animal then go to coral canyons and above the house shop there is a secret shop you can find it there.

I love fish I really want on jamagram me my user is adrianna1235 if it does not work as I am changing my user try pufferfish1235

I think I have one, please gran me what they are worth or gram me let's trade if you want mine. -honorchior

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127 Blue Vines

What is that my username is party in the usa la

I have them in my den I love how retro they look.

I have it in my de I love how retro it looks.

What is blue vines?

They are a floor and basically, I guess, with Blu vInes on it and this item is betA

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128 Rare Frankenstein Mask

I am really desperate for a non member one!
Please trade me one I am Chicken8898

Hey chicken ( numbers something something) I have a nm (non member) one. Stop by Mai den or buddy meh. I'm fuzzerwuzzer

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129 Skully

They did get rid of these and are never coming back, One was hacked in, Yet AJHQ removed it. Say goodbye to your precious skullies.

The Skullys are the rarest idem in AJ by far. They are at spot # 1 in my book and should be on this page. They were deleted because they looked wrong on pandas. There are probley 3 I exsistance no joke. Aj probley went into everyone's account and got rid of them so there might be none even in AJ. (add me I'm Hoppy62)

This is the second time skully's was on the list 0_0
oh p.s one person still has a skully and people think skullys were removed because they looked inappropriate on pandas

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130 Phoenix Armor

I have the whole set of this Armor and its not in stores anymore! If you want to offer send me a jam-a-gram my user is IceFirez

I have one piece, which is the necklace. I can trade for a good rare. - Winterush

Phoenix armor is not in the diamond shop anymore, I have the helmet and I think the gauntlets if anyone would like to trade.

131 Rare Cupcake Hat

I had one and my buddy traded me a spike collar for it I said why did you do that and they said because I don't play aj anymore so if you see someone say I quit aj go to there den and try to get a good item I have only seen 10 around jamma bye by the way my username is amessier25 bye peeps!

132 Panda Hat
133 Neon Purple Bow

I have seen many around jamaa, and in LIbertyy's video. So they must be real. I know my eyes are bad but I have seen a normal neon bow with the blue before, this some instead of blue strings. Purple. It really confused me at first, but then I thought it was a glitch. The next day my friend gifts meh one. Not a glitch!

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135 Holiday Sweater

I think this is a good item because not many people have them and I have one in green. They look pretty cute on penguins and wolves.

You can obtain one in the eagle adventure

136 Long Rare Red Spike
137 Glossy Wings

I have like, three of these. What are they worth?

I, think most of them get good longs, most of them do I have 2 glossy ones but 1 not glossy red.. I have light blue and purple, what do you think!? Well, that's it Silveris AJ Signing off :3

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138 Black Tophat

Mk... So I have one.. I think its worth 2 shorts... I don't know... Um anyways... Ya

139 Spiderweb Floor

Well, I appreciate your opinion! I used to have them but I got em' for green glossy wings and tan carpet lol

My bro has on. I require it.

I have this I am Jammer78z46 I must be pretty rare!

Not so cool

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140 Planet Walls

I've seen a bunch of the. Theses days and I'm trying to get non rare headdress I am Jammer78z46 if u have one.

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