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161 Jamaaliday Top Hats

Have one. Will accept a good trade, if I'm feeling antagonistic, an overtrade. - Winterush

In my opinion, these are decently rare. Got mine from a epic trade. :D Anyways, I'm am tacnyancat, and I'm gone!

Ooh yay I have a jammaaliday top hat! My use is witeseal222 and NOT my imposter, Witeseal2222 SHE IS EVIL!

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162 Yellow Worn

I have two or three, they can be obtained from the eagle adventure, but only like 10% of the time.

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163 Beta Tiara

Beta tiaras are over populated I have seen over 200 (ok maybe not that many) but still it should go down but for now it should be 1

That's like the rarest thing (ok maybe not the rarest thing) but still.

Here, we have the green beta tiara. It's green with a purple gem (blue is beta but glitched) there worth so much I traded 9 black longs and neon bow unfortanently scammed. And a message for 1013sadie you scammed me once :( so I don care 'bout your blog! Also Willrent I know you I was your buddy once (off topic)

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164 Wizard Hat

Wizard hats should be 99 they are in the Halloween party -. -

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165 Giant Plushies

The horse, rhino are two examples of big plashes that aren't in diamond shop.

Are you talking about the non member giant plushies or the member ones

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166 RC Car

This is just a common small den beta

Rc cars shouldn't be 99 they are one rlly beta beta I had one and I got offered rare short spike wrists!

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167 Open Sign

I have 2. One I traded for and the other I got from the eagle adventure. That and the new clover hunt adventure are the best ways to get rare and beta items by the way.

I Have an open sign and I LOVE it it goes with any of my dens and most of all it can be traded for a RARE SPIKED COLLAR!

I'm sad to say but these are not beta

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168 Bubbletron 5000 V 3 Comments
169 Dark Red Arctic Hood

This dark red color wasnt a avaible color when the artic hood was in stores and the artic hood also isn't in the eagle adventure so I don't know how it got out there but it's there

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170 Rare New Years Party Hat

The party hat is one of the only animated items in animal jam. If you have one HANG ON TO IT! They will increase there rarity. It's worth about a rare short spike collar

These are pretty rare. Lots of people want them.

Please trade me one I am Chicken8898

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171 Rare Eyepatch

I have one. I got it for offering gem codes! If you have good trade offer, Trade me. I am Chicken8898

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172 Rocking Horse

It is really a hard beta and I'm dieing for one my user is secretkittencrystal please trade it

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173 Diamond Gauntlets

These are a new item! You can buy them in the Diamond Shop. I just got a pair! They are so AWESOME! Send me a buddy request if you like this. I am Chicken8898

They took them out of the diamond shop for a little while then brought them back

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174 Kite

I have one and they are rlly beta I have a blue one I traded my rare arctic coat for it laugh out loud my username is frozenwolf12456

I have a pink one. My spare is th3catg03s (I'm not going to tell my real one), the gal who has a horseshoe

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175 Toy Race Car

It was in the beta days and isn't really know and it's a race car that is purple - Pinkcuteness79

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176 Pink Swirls Carpet

You can get them at the valentines party

I got these for a diamond shop collar. Then I got moon dirt for the pink swirls. I am Jammer78z46 so yea!

Had them once upon a time. In fact, I still do! - Winterush, the person who forgets all

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177 Non Rare Fox Hat

I know I know it may sound silly but yes the NON RARE fox hat was in the beta days store the last time the rare fox hat was in stores was in 2012 so its pretty clear they are beta by the way its only one color ( white )

YAY! I GOT ONE FOR A PLAIN OLD PLUSH! I though this wasnt worth anything. I am Chicken8898

Isn't the non rare fox hat the white one? I know its confusing but there is a rare white foxhat and a non rare white foxhat. LOL

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178 Pink Forest Walls
179 Rare Bubble Emitter
180 Forest Floor

Never seen this before.

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