Rare Spiked Collar


Everyone wants one. They are supposed to be super rare, but I don't really believe them. It, like all other rares, were the Monday Rare some random Monday. Any number of people could have bought about 25 of them, as I do, and kept to trade for a time long after when they are strongly desired by those who did not get a chance to be on or did not have an account then. So yes they are only worth so much in trade by a jammer's strong desire to own one, especially now that spikes are no longer in the diamond shop, but they were once worth nothing and just another item in your inventory.

Once, I lied and said "I can generate you items, whatever Items you want". And she believed me so she followed everything, typed in her username, password, and her favorite color. (I just added the favorite color thing to make it seem like it wasn't a hack). When she logged off, I got on her account and took a black short collar and black short wristband. I eventually gave it back later in life because I felt horrible. I later earned a black short collar and black short wristband, myself. :) It felt super good actually EARNING them and not stealing them!

I'm the person that said uh, excuse me? Ever heard of Monday rares. I know that a spike is a Monday rare, but it's a beta Monday rare. I don't even think it's a Monday rare anymore, I never see it in the shop on Mondays. Remember that time when they put diamond spikes in the diamond shop for a week? It was of course, very crowded. If there were spikes that were rare in jam mart clothing, it would be even fuller.

I think spikes should be just a tiny less rare, because there are tons of jammers, including me, who don't have REAL spikes (we have diamond spikes), and there are jammers who don't even have those diamond spikes. I have 3 diamond spikes. Two double spikes which are white and the other one pink, then I also have a neon dark blue one. This is my opinion and you might not agree.

So not rare! A common prize in eagle adventure, and I see them every day I go on! (That is, almost every day) half of the people who play animal jam has them! Spike WRISTBANDS are rarer than the collar! I see the collar all the time, the wristbands, sometimes once or twice a week.

I have 4 rare black long spikes and 1 silver spike. This person creeping me out named lawllollawl is trying to get me to gift her all the spikes I have and she'll give the outfit shes wearing. A gold founders hat, golden spike, a rare blue worn and a normal elf tail armor. Should I gift her? Will she take all the spikes I have? Please jag kath66 for you answer. I'm a non member but I like to collect member things. The most people with the opinion is what I do.

And this is a free member aj I made it myself and payed for it and it is banned free I proofed it at ajhq I told them I made it for people who can't have it or afford it I even bought a gift card with 30 diamond value to get an arctic wolf kangaroo and eagle you can buy an eagle and kangaroo but I already got an arctic wolf other 2 cost coins and sorry there are no clothes I took them all there was 2 rare spike collars top hat non rare worn arctic hood non rare spike collar and eyeball hat but look and the bright side there is lots of cool den stuff to look forward to! The user is 1013sadie pass is sadie1013 I hope you enjoy buddy me my user is willrent

Who screwed this list up? How in the world is this second place? I can name at least ten things rarer than a rare spike! Magenta furry hat, founders hat, beta tiara, horse coin, masterpiece token, glitched ring, tan tiki, rare elf helmet, (not the rim) beta hood, HECK! Even a flipping headdress! Which also shouldn't be rare because it's very common. So why? Why are spikes considered rare? Why are they wanted wherever I go? I don't get it.. - Transformers234

I've been wanting one for like my whole life, I don't usually see them and I really don't think that they are THAT rare, I mean There are heaps out there and you can get them from the Eagle Adventure

I'm pretty sure that rare spikes are the second or third greatest item, correct me if I'm wrong.

The spikes have gone a lot down in value from the eagle adventure. They deserve spot # 4. by the way add me I'm Hoppy62.

My one question is people say things are not rare because they were in rare own Monday. But weren't all rates once included in rare Monday? Diamond spikes are sometimes sold, but there still rare. So what's the deal?

The rare spiked collar is one of the best rarest items, lots of jammers want. I have a yellow short, and I am hoping to get more spikes from the forgotten desert. You can also get dares and betas from the forgotten desert adventure.

Well I always wanted one I was always trying to get one but I am always very unlucky members are so mean! Wah! I really want one my buddy said she will give one to me but she never did

I know that a lot of people have spike collars, but they are still actually THE rarest item in the game. It is extremely hard to trade for one and extremely hard to get, but that is just my opinion.

Seriously? This honestly makes me laugh. I have over 30 rare spike collars, from black long to the orange short- There's hardly anyone without one. Beta creature mask should be around this spot.

People are always wary to trade these away. I only have one silver long that isn't rare and people always expect you to add a ton of items in order to get their rare.

I love the look, but I honestly don't know why it's such a popular item.I don't want haters or anything, but why should this item be so popular if it's like, generally speaking rare if you research it carefully. I personally think party hats & neon bows are rarer.
I don't care if you agree/disagree, this this my opinion.

I do not really like spiked collars! I just got my first spike when they were doing a sale in the diamond shop for 4 days before they took it out!

Spikes aren't rare, they are just really popular. Really, mummy gloves are rarer that spikes because they were released earlier.

I only have a short blue wrist, but once I try to get more items, I can try for a long or short collar, or the very least, a long wrist

I have the rare blue spiked collar. People always unfairly trade me for it. I used to have the red, but I traded down.

I really want one my username is diamond113 and of you have a spare please gift it to me and I will put you on my blog

You know I don't think that rare spikes are that rare but when it comes to how epic they look on your animals I do! :))

I have always wanted a spike collar, I have traded all my rares and betas for just one short and no one accept,

A rare spiked collar was a monthly member gift, they can also be won in the adventure, The Forgotten Desert.