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1 Fox

Pet foxes are so adorable not saying that cause my best friend who LOVES foxes is next to me

I captures fox takes it to store spends like 400 gemstones for wild fox that follows u

There are so cute the left the diamond shop though :(

Foxes are awesome! Plus, they're back!

2 Tiger Tiger The tiger is the largest cat species, most recognizable for their pattern of dark vertical stripes on reddish-orange fur with a lighter underside.

Love you tigerz

HAVE ONE! There in diamond shop. There going out soon

I just bought one before they went out of stores

I have one on and please friend me I am Luma5431!

3 Owl

You can fly with them, how cool is that?!

Owls are, by far, the best and cutest.

Owls are really cool pets

Owls are the best pet ever

4 Cat

Cats may be lame because all they do is eat, sleep, and purr, but they are ADORABLE! But, I do have to admit, they are also kinda boring.

Cats should never be number 1 all they do is eat sleep and purr

They're the worst they just purr and sit there. - Puppytart

Cats are so adorable

5 Butterfly

I like Butterflies.

There no cool! Sorry its just my opinion.

They r the cheapest flying pets to get so you can go to the secret shop in play as your pet party

Butterfly r not really cool

6 Arctic Wolf

I want one to match my artic wolf

I'm sorry, but what's so cool about them. They look too much like foxes and they're only there to look cute. Hamsters rock!

I never got 1 because they left the diamond shop but when I see people with them they look so cool!

I have always wanted a article wolf there the BEST! They should be number one I mean it

7 Cheetah Cheetah The cheetah, also known as the hunting leopard, is a big cat that occurs mainly in eastern and southern Africa and a few parts of Iran. The cheetah is the fastest land animal, able to run up to 75 mph and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds

The best ever in aj I have 4 cheetahs and 2 pet cheetahs! they really are the best I'm tigertastrophe feel free to add me!

So cute the way they stick out there tongue

I have a million cheetahs!

Cheetahs are my best

8 Snake

Snakes are cooler then foxes so snakes should be 1

I have a snake and I love to play snake!

Yea snakes r cooler then foxes but foxes r cuter

When I was a non member I wanted snakes so badly bacause you can put an ice cream on their tail

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9 Duck Duck Duck is the common name for a large number of species in the waterfowl family Anatidae, which also includes swans and geese.

Just sitting cutely on the pond- what can go wrong?

Ducks are best ever

Ducks are so cute

Hm not rlly?

10 Pet Phantom



The Contenders

11 Eagle
12 Raccoon

I don't have enough room for the raccoon, sadly. I have a lot of pets!

Come on they are so cute and I have never had one

Raccoons are kinda cute in me opinion

Raccoons r sooo adorable they should b number 1 I has one it's so cute C:

13 Hummingbird Hummingbird Hummingbirds are birds from the Americas that constitute the family Trochilidae. They are among the smallest of birds, most species measuring 7.5–13 cm. they are the cutest birds in the world

They are so small and cute and at plays as your pet party they fly around it's so fun

I would enjoy having one.


14 Mice Mice A mouse is a small rodent characteristically having a pointed snout, small rounded ears, a body-length scaly tail and a high breeding rate. The best known mouse species is the common house mouse. It is also a popular pet.

They are one of the few cute non-member pets! They are also (in my opinion), one of the best promo pets.

The mice should be number 1! They are so cute and for non members! I screamed when I got mine!

Like everyone forgot about these cute little babies

I have one of my own so...

15 Frog Frog Frogs are a diverse and largely carnivorous group of short-bodied, tailless amphibians composing the order Anura.

Frog was my first pet

Lol I remember once I got a lot of frog pets and covered my friend with them and yelled ITS HAPPENING! EAT THEM MY FROGGIE PALS

I made my frog have a mustache lolz =3

16 Kangaroo

I got one for free! - Puppytart

I got one without getting the app what I did was my friend got the app and I asked her if she could trade me one and she did - lbelle0527

I remember I got mine from playing some game on the phone or something :P

Sooo cute this one I wish it would be one

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17 Dog

Dogs are awesome! How dare you. They should be number 1

Mine is a lil' photographer!

I want a dog on ah they look so cute (smartjammers43784) username won't be on in the summer of 2015 working trying to earn membership :) :( can't get on

Dogs are just so cute ♡ - GoldMagicAJ

18 Snow Leopard Snow Leopard The snow leopard is a large cat native to the mountain ranges of Central and South Asia. The name "Snow Leopard" is due to its white fur, and the black spots dotted over it.

I have one! - ArcticWolf

19 Sugar Glider Sugar Glider The sugar glider is a small, omnivorous, arboreal, and nocturnal gliding possum belonging to the marsupial infraclass.

Lol my fox wears a spike as well

They are cute :) jam a gram me at Kawaiibunneh102

They could be cuter and wired username mine goes with who I am smartjammers43883 because I'm smart never even got a c in school just a and b pluses

I think thsr they are the cutest these days because you can put spikes and headsets on them! So kawaii

20 Pandas

If you make a all green panda you can now name it gummy bear

Pet pandas are so Kawaii, you can make them blush and dress them up like a wizard and match them with your own panda!

They are new and they are ADAWABLE!

So cute an' chubby! :D

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21 Goats Goats The domestic goat is a subspecies of goat domesticated from the wild goat of southwest Asia and Eastern Europe.
22 Anglefish
23 Hamster Hamster Hamsters are rodents belonging to the subfamily Cricetinae. The subfamily contains about 25 species, classified in six or seven genera.

There the only non member pet, besides sea horses. The way they eat is cute, The way there built is cool, The way that they dance is cute. They are just majorly cute.

Not really cool nor cute I just like them because of the way they eat and they really do need a better dance all they do is rock back and forth lame!

Come on guys. Hamsters are awesome! The way they eat, the way they dance is hilarious, and they are the cutest! Better than foxes!

Hamsters are kinda cute because they get all chubby when they eat those little butter things!

24 Polar Bear

You can get them if you redeem you membership in november or december in 2014

Also I made my polar bear have a booger lolz =3

Yeah I got one

i have one

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25 Tarantula Tarantula Tarantulas comprise a group of large and often hairy arachnids belonging to the Theraphosidae family of spiders, of which approximately 900 species have been identified.

I Think They R Spooky

26 Giraffe

I LOVE giraffes as pets. I have a TON of them since they are now for nonmembers! The moment I got one as a nonmember I was like YES, FINALLY ANOTHER PET FOR NMS! Ty AJ for giving us this beautiful pet! by the way my username on Animal Jam is Darkumonolord76 (sorry it's a rlly weird username)


27 Promo Golden Bunny
28 Ferret
29 Rhino
30 Bats

The bats can be creepy

DUH they are very cute

Username: Pinkcuteness79 I don't have buddy room so sorry - Pinkcuteness79

31 Monkeys

They are adorable just look at them!

32 Horse

The only problem with aj horses. THEY LOOK LIKE MY LITTLE PONY CARECTORS!
I ride a horse named Howard

33 Gecko Gecko Geckos are lizards belonging to the infraorder Gekkota, found in warm climates throughout the world. They range from 1.6 to 60 cm.
34 Seahorse

Seahorses are nonmember. They dance good, and they are cute and colorful.

35 Piglet
36 Peacock

Eh I mean they are cute but eh

37 Pony

So cute!

I Love Them When You Can Make Them Earth Pony Pegasus And Unicorn Or Alicorn :D

38 Elephant

I Don't Mind Them

39 Falcon

Falcons are great in animal jam! but there member but still everybody should have a cute falcon even know I do have a falcon you should get one there so cute!

40 Pill Bugs

They are cute and curl up in tiny balls whats not the love

41 Crickets

So adorable even bug haters will fall In love

42 Firefly

So kawaii :3! It glows a bit and when you play it flies around flowers! - Silverfroststorm

43 Seal

They are rare and are for non members! They are so cute!

44 Ocelot Ocelot The ocelot, also known as the dwarf leopard, is a wild cat distributed extensively within South America including the islands of Trinidad and Margarita, Central America, and Mexico. It has been reported as far north as Texas.

I got one around Christmas! It was magical.

45 Meagyn's Pet Bear

They're so cute and are nonmember!

46 Penguins
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