Top Ten Animal Jam Rares

Here are the top ten animaljam rares! :) Sorry if not accurate. There is also only one of each item in this list so for example I'm not going to list every color of the beards. Hope you enjoy!

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1 Founders Hat

Okay no offense to this person, but this whole list is incorrect! Founder's hat is NO WHERE near the rarest! Black rare spike is not near the rarest! Nore is the orange beard. Not even a headdress! All of these items are very rare, but still not near the rarest. Go to word press. ( it has the word donut in it). It will tell you the REAL deal of the rarest items. By the way I'm not trying to be mean, but I think this list might need a fix if you can. It's just a little complaint I made.

No offense, but founders hats do not deserve to be at the top of this list, there are way rarer items than this. Yes, founders hats are rare and should be in this long list but not at the top! This whole list needs updating. It's the same with the orange beards, they should not be in third place. Tan tikis or pearly tiaras should be at the top of the top of this list, and they are like 18th! This needs changing!

The founders hat is like a top hat but is gold and white. Many people think this is a beta- but its not! The founders hat is rarer then a top hat so if you think that a top hat is rare than this item must be pretty rare too! - itz_izzy

I have to disagree with the whole list the rarest items are glitched items like magenta items and the glitched tiara Wisteria moon has as there are only one in the whole game rather than rares around a hundred jammers have I don't mean to be mean but this is true the glitched items are more rare

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2 Black Rare Spike

Spikes are not rare. Quit treating them like they are so rare. They are not worth: scullies, Epic den plaque, Which, by the way, those are worth over 50 black longs. And if black longs were second rarest, would they be worth 50 plus for a plaque? NO. Black rare spikes are not rare at all. They are a beta monday rare that is ONLY worth one beta. They Are NOWHERE AT ALL near worth a pearly tiara. Wherever I go, they get begged for constantly. It is so annoying. So please stop treating spikes like they are rare. They are not rare at all.

Why are spikes so rare? People want spikes constantly wherever I go. It kind of annoys me because spikes actually aren't that rare at all. But everyone trades everything they have for a spike. If they are so rare, why aren't six spikes even fair for a pearly tiara? Because it's the rarest item in the game. Not a spike. Maybe a skullie actually is. But people treat spikes like they are the rarest item in the game. Who even cares? They're just pixels. :l :l :l

Wow I totally agree! I saw someone with a trade that was all black rare longs and she would not trade it for: red rare spike, blue rare spike, rare claw, and (you won't believe this) a FOUNDER! People these days won't accept anything.

Yeah, shes trying to show off her things. Some people ADORE to do that. I personally don't like it because then others want that item and that person never accept anything, even if it's a founder! So if someone does this, just ignore them because they are slightly bragging when there are things better than that item, except if it's a founder. Just ignore braggers.

If they were "sooo rare" I would be rare spikes are all worth the same on color but people get Arctic wolves and beg then get headdressesflower crowns, bows and arrows, nutcracker boots and spikes. If they were rare, when I was a new jammer how did I get a black spiked collar? Why does almost everyone in the game have one?

For everyone who disagrees about spikes being rare, thank you, you are my new best friends. - Transformers234

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3 Orange Beard

Yeah, someone tried to report me because they thought I would scam, and I DON"T scam! People seriously! Just because most people scam in aj doesn't mean that I do too. I don't scam because number 1.It's a bad choice to make. Number 2. I would get reported and not be able to use the trade system, and yes, reporting works. It all started when I said spike wristband give away my den! Now I kept declining trades because they weren't fair like at all, so that's why that person thought I was scamming because no one can be trusted in animal jam. I wasn't even doing trust trade. BUT STILL, you don't know who, or who doesn't scam in aj. So don't report someone because you THINK they will scam, report someone WHEN they scam. Because what if you report someone before they even scammed you? What if it turned out to not be a scam? That's why you don't report someone BEFORE they scam. You know what I mean right?

This is not very rare anymore. Not even worth a non rare spike. They are pretty low in rarity, but make sure you don't trade all your betas for it like I did. They aren't the rarest thing in the game. They used to be worth four black longs and dropped down for no stupid reason. I hate it when jammers decide things have to come up or drop down.

Umm never really seen orange beard in game and I was doing a giveaway and someone reported me for no reason I wasn't accepting trades cause it was fasted to trade gets the item GIFTED I wouldn't accept the trades and everyone kept and kept trading me so it was so hard to gift the item

I have one our users are pinkie056 and sbt97555 please make offers and find us

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4 Headdress

Some people are like trade me spikes and they have like necklaces and butterfly wings and store thing's ong trade, I feel bad for them but sometimes I send them messages saying your list is not worth a spike, then I feel bad and apologise I don't know why it's just I feel bad for them not being so rare but there just PIXELS GEEZ what's wrong, if you play animal jam for like everyday and like stay on it ALL day it's making the day lonely and quicker I play aj quite a lot though I was playing without animal jam for a long time and it was like so fun and long, so ya I don't brag on to my friends about it because some friends will unbuddy you or even worse they could be bragging about it too saying I got a black long! And you don't and she's pretending because you got a found, headdress or green long blue long or red long,so ya.

This is the rarest thing especially rare ones. Everyone of my friends wants on and are jealous, not many people have them like my rare on, I can not wear it because people ALWAYS ask what for it. If it was not REALLY rare then why would they even bother?

My 2nd goal in Animal Jam is to get one of these. I'm going to collect rares and trade them JUST for a rare headdress! These are so popular but I don't think they are very rare because I see a lot of Arctic Wolves Wearing them and I think they are beautiful.

Headdresses are by far my favourite! They are super rare and really pretty. I love these so much, it's been my dream item since I joined.

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5 Spikes

I have played Animal Jam since 2011 and I still haven't got a spike. It's my only goal. ( No I don't just play for the items ) I have attempted to trade something for a spike about 700 times. There are people with like 10 spikes, and I ask them if I can trade it for four nice, rare, beta items and their response is always, NO. So selfish... you won't trade 1 spike to someone who has none and is offering their best items. This has happened numerous times to me. To sum this all up, spikes are EXTREMELY high demand, and are VERY challenging to obtain. My user is miahappyheart.

By the way, totally agree that it is selfish when one person has no spikes at all, and the other person has like 20, and still refuses to give any of their spikes away. It's stupid, and I'm tired of it. - Transformers234

Spikes are another high in demand rare. There are three types of spikes including the long spike, the spiked wristband, and the diamond shop spikes. The diamond shop spikes are not as rare as the other two types of spikes. Spikes are another popular rare like the headdress that everyone thinks are super rare. They aren't THAT rare but the spike earned a place on my top ten list. - itz_izzy

I kinda hate them. People think they're "rare". Well, 2 words to those people: THERE NOT. U can see a spike everyday, and if I want a spike, it would be a wristband! Spikes are not rare, half of AJ have them, so don't offer things like betas because there not worth them!

Jesus, yes! I don't think people know what rare means these days. People think that rare means it is high in demand. No. No. NO! Rarity has nothing to do with demand. It all has to do with how common it is. This is the definition of rare: Not common. But nope, apparently the definition of rare has changed to demand. I don't know why people can't get this through their thick skulls. - Transformers234

Ugh this list is super fake! there are way rarer items then some of these! like, 1? NO. A founders is not the rarest! this list needs to be updated! no offense, but it seems like u made this in 2010 or something! new things have come out, meaning more rares have come out. UPDATE THIS LIST ITS NOT RELIABLE!

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6 Wood Flooring

I used to have wood flooring. I think you can get those in the eagle adventure sine I got brick walls and a beta flower carpet from it. I'm not saying you can get it just like that, I'm saying that you can give it a shot, though.

Actually you are wrong there is another beta flooring called tan carpet I have it way way way better than wood it looks nicer by a million that should be here right before this won

I LOVE THE WOOD FLOORING! People are trading me tons of stuff and they are not beta! I love my wood floor and cross my heart to not trade it.

Cool I have one of these but I really can't remember how

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7 Beta Creature Mask

And once more, spike collars are seen like, ALL THE TIME. That drops their rarity, in my opinion. But yes, I agree. Beta creature masks are one of the rarest things in the game.

This is probably the rarest in the game. I wouldn't count unreleased or deleted items as rare. There are none in the game, except for the ones people hack in. People like Batwing157 for example. Green top hats, skullies, mace tails, staffs, and horse coins should not be on this list.

Guys have you thought this list is maybe I don't know outdated

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8 Pearly Tiara

Rare or not rare, this item can't be found easily around the game, meaning that it's technically a rare.

I will trade mine for 2 headdresses (any colour)

Never really see these around


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9 Beta Eyeball Hat

Somebody traded me a neon bow, a short yellow spiked collar, nerd glasses, and a new years celebration hat (not a party hat).

I don't know if mine is beta...

I don't know what my magenta eyeball is worth. can someone tell me please?

What bout rare eyeball hat is that beta pplz

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10 Rare Fox Hat

I don't think the rare fox hat is THAT rare because I have all the colors except dark orange (least rarest color), light blue, and dark blue. I have all the other colors including red ( the rarest color). They are not worth spikes but are still very rare.

I remember I thought a fluffy fox hat WAS an actual fox hat but turned out to be a fluffy fox hat I didn't play for a month after that anyway yeah also I think a beta eyeball hat should be in the top and same with a magenta hat

Fox hats are rare, but this shouldn't be in seventh. People these days don't always know their rarites, and I totally understand. All I'm saying is that fox hats are no where near the rarest thing in Animal Jam. In fact a beta eyeball is one of the rarest things of all! This top tens list is incorrect no offense.These stuff are no where near the rarest not even a spike. And yes, A LOT of people in Animal Jam have these.I'm not putting the rarest things in order, but the rarest things are elf tail armor, magneta hat, glitches ring, milky tiara, a beta eyeball. TRUST ME! No offense that this list is incorrect!

I have a pink one!

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11 Magenta Furry Hat

The Magenta furry hat was sold and immediately taken out of stores. They are the rarest item in the game besides the Milky Tiara, a white tiara with a pink gemstone.

The magenta furry is the rarest item in animal jam next to the beta hood. It is worth 34 to 35 black longs!

Cool these are most likely sup rare

It's so RARE

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12 Horse Coin

Horse Coin should replace spikes. EVERYBODY sees a spike (from mostly eagles) And guess what? NO one ever saw one!

Horse coin was removed from animal jam but a couple still remain. I think this is worth much more than spikes because you see them everywhere but this item is super rare.

Apparently there are only four horse coins in the game (I do not know for sure...) I have never seen ANY before well I have seen them in videos.

Shouldn't these be at the top of this list? I've never really seen these at all in my life! These are much rarer than black longs aren't they?

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13 Beta Tiara

They should try to sell it for one day then see... They are worth a lot too and should not be in stores because there value will be as bad as a necklace and whoever traded for one would lose a lot

Beta tiaras should be about # 3 or 4 because I saw a video and a person was trading a long red collar and a long wrist and a lot of den betas for it.

Beta tiaras should be number 2 or 3 because I've been playing animal jam for a while now, and I've only seen about THREE people with it.

Beta tiara is not rare at all, it is a different colored regular tiara

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14 Milky White Tiara

One of the rarest items worth a founder and probably a short collar or long wrist

These can not be bought in Jam Mart Clothing. the milky tiara is a milk colour but with a PURPLE gem. The fake in Jam Mart Clothing has a BLUE gem. I have only seen 1 in the game. Feel free to add me I'm lightEningwolf62 (sorry if I have no buddy space or not accepting. Jam-A-Gram me if you want to, my inbox is always full though. So just post on my Jammer Wall if you can't buddy or Jam-A-Gram me.

You can buy these in the jam mart clothing shop.

This shouldn't be number 14, this should be number 2 (and the beta creature mask should be number 1) smh

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15 Party Hat

I don't think that Party Hats should be THIS far down the Top 10 List. I should be at least 5th or something. I barley see Jammers even WEARING them now. And much MUCH fewer on Trade Lists. This thing isn't very up-to-date.

I love Party Hats, but I disagree they are the best item. I say, headdress, rare headdress, the claw, founders, many items are better. My cousin thinks party hats are the best, though all he ever tries to do is scam.

The party hat has such vibrant colors and every time I see someone with one their usually wearing it to show off, the item is only 43% of the times on their trade. They should NOT be so low in this rare system. Maybe around number 5 or 6. AJHQ designed these amazing items to look beautiful and very much like a party. They also look great with a matching color spike and wrist.

In my opinion, a party hat is rarer than a headdress! I mean, have u ever seen one? GOOD LUCK!

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16 White Elf Tail Armor

Okay, back when these tails were not beta and kinda common but people still were kinda picky about them, I have had this tail more than 4 times, but it got scammed, traded away, etc. And now I look back and I feel so foolish...

White beta tails are awesome, but I don't have one I want one though

This is actually worth 3 headdresses (all bad but not rim headdress) and a black long with the headdresses. It is also worth a single RARE necklace, which is worth 3 headdresses and a black long collar.

U have to admit it looks cool on all jammers

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17 Pink Beta Eyeball

Founders and everything else have gone down in value because they can be won in the Forgotten Desert.

I personally think eyeballs are cool but scary at the same time. what would u do if u saw someone walking down the streets... IN REAL LIFE...wearing a huge pink eyeball?

The magenta furry hat is the most beta thing ever now its all magenta with the snowflake white

I have a rare pink eyeball hat the exact same look as the non-rare pink eyeball hat. SO CONFUSING

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18 Tan Tiki Mask

I totally agree have NEVER seen a tiki mask (or I just can't remember >.<) because no one would buy them because they were not very fashionable. Tikis them selves are worth good stuff but the tan tiki is on a whole new level.

These should be close to the top of the list. Not spikes! If these are worth 80 spikes, they are rarer than spikes

Oh my gosh! These are worth 80 long spikes, they should be on the TOP of the list!

I have one does anyone want it I might trade it still thinking

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19 Tiki Mask

It isn't beta, and it doesn't say it's rare on aj. Now I don't know why they're so rare, but since everyone thinks they're worth spikes, I would suggest getting one just because you could possibly get a headdress trading it. Because that person with a headdress will probably think it's super rare. But they won't except founders hat for RARE headdresses. I was just answering that persons question by the way. Why they don't understand it's rare.You still need it in order to trade for something good.

Pink tiki for a black long isn't fair lol, tikis went down

This should be at least number 10. Unless you're not talking about the tan tiki


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20 Beta Elf Helmet

This should be in the top 10!

I have one for trade lexib07

Can I have it


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