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181 Rare Sombrero

I think I still have this.

I had 1 but I traded it

I recycled it

I really want this item.

182 Brown Top Hat

I have one if you want to trade my user is: cookieda
I don't know what there worth but be fair

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183 Beta Tail

I got 1 for a short collar

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184 Blue Headdress

I want a headdress and blue is my favorite color

Worth four black longs, these beautiful things are the highlight of jamaa, they are worth FOUR black longs, if you want one of these, make AJ videos, you become famous and people might give you free stuff

I have a trade for one: two gloves, rhino helmet(rare),short spike collar(rare,green) wizard hat (rare), and pigtails (red, non rare)

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185 Slingshot

I got a grey one and my friend traded a rare cape for a blue on :3

I had one but I recycled/traded it

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186 Rare Cupcake Hat

I used to have this but I was hacked. Now I oly have a top hat and pigtails until I get more good items :( -bonnythebunny64381

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187 Rare Backpack

I got one from the adventure! It brought back memories. My first rare ever.

They are not really rare, I have only seen 10, (including me) but they are really hard to trade for.

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188 Neon Bow

I have 3 but I don't know what there worth and I was told that they are worth a long spike collar but then I was told they are worth a rare short wrist. :(

They are worth 2 pirate (beta) swords and one or maybe two rare bow and arrows ( the least rare color)

They are worth a rare headdress

I over traded

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189 Tan Top Hat V 1 Comment
190 Purple Long Spiked Wristband

RARE I don't like purple but I want one

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191 River Race

It is worth a whole lot!

192 Bronze Giraffe Statue
193 Rare Spooky Top Hat
194 Heart Rings

There are multiple colors and I heard that they're worth long rare collars.

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195 Worn Blankets

These are known to be very popular and tend to fetch a high price in trading. Black and cream are the rarest colors I believe, with the olive green at the end of the rarity list.

Popular and non member worth a spike!

There are tons of worns on AJ they got sold a bit in 2015 but now their kinda rare again famous jammers have worns well a lot of people have worn blankets -juliannaj

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196 Rare Head Feather

There is definitely more then ten.. I had one of them but got scammed but my friend gave me hers

What animal does it look good on? only seen 5 members with them

I have one, worth a lot, should be much higher

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197 45 Gem Necklace

Wow someone is sarcastic enough to be like me

It's not really rare they have been selling it and people use them to scam there very common

They have been selling since the beta days

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198 Rare Yeti Mask V 1 Comment
199 Rare Claw

Rare claw is worth a spike collar? Or a spike wrist?
Someone is offering me a top hat and nm swords. Should I accept?
Or should I ask them to trade their blue long?! I don't get it!

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200 Red Necklace V 1 Comment
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