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201 Silver Ring

The silver ring was put in stores in epic wonders but they got out of the stores some people in jamaa say they are really rare and valuable

I think they are worth a lot. I just traded a pink jamiliday bow for it

They r worth nothing, they're only good for getting rares,and spikes,and all that good stuff

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202 Rare Eyeball Hat With Blue Pupil

I have one of these and nobody really knows how much it is worth, that is why I tell people to come to my den and give their opinions, lots of people say they didn't even know that they existed, lots of people say they want to offer and so far I have gotten lots of really good trades, founders hat, fox hats, and some other stuff. I'm not sure if I will be trading it away because I don't ever use it, but I might hang onto it just because of the rarity. I'm not sure but its cool that I have one

I'm not sure rarest item but not very many people have it with blue pupil! Many people have a green pupil no not as rare its worth about a non rare spike or a rare collar only 27 of them in the game I have it I got it from the frogotten dessert but they are hard to get

203 Lava Glove

These are worth black long collars and small den betas.

204 Bow and Arrows

I have gotten them before but ajhq say their rarer than spikes. I have tried and tried but I have never gotten a spike.

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205 Orange Gecko Plushie

This is a real beta I has one and I will trade it for rare headdress jag me: gecko plushie deal if deal by the way my username is pastelpanda1

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206 Red Fox Hat

I thought they were the rarest colour of the fox hats?

207 Magenta Eyeball
208 Black Long Spike Wristband V 2 Comments
209 Non Rare Spike Collars

Not rare, many people have them

210 Phantom Amulet

Yes, these are hard to get from others, but, they are worth four rare item Mondays :), plus, headdresses, spikes, top hats,pigtails,and former diamond items are NOT worth this, this is worth about four present diamond items

211 Dragon Glove

Some people call these "dragon wounds" I don't know why they do, but, it's fun to rename items so that's why they do - alydol

212 Straw Hat

I haven't been able to get these! People decline even top hats and spikes for them!

I have a green one and I want a spike for it I'm snowball12005

Spikes aren't worth much.

213 Mech Angel Wings

I had one in orange and I traded it for something

Lots of people have them and I don't even like them. plus u can get them on bitter sweets

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214 Beard

Yea it's true can u guys trade me a black long collar for my beard its not rare I'm rebecca1240

I heard that some beards are worth 4 founders. If u look it up they will be a title that is: Animal Jam:Animal Jam--(Rares)-Beards and you'll see what they're worth.

215 Rare Cat Hat

I have one but don't rlly need them that much!
Even though it is rare.

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216 Backpack

Yes I know not that rare right, wrong.I got a rare for mine maybe two and you can get betas too.

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217 Shag Carpet

Thieve been in stores for beta days and some rare people have them in there dens! some people wanna trade over for the examples: headdresses black longs maybe party hats lava gloves! though there not the rarest thing you can ask for there still pretty cool! some though theirs only like maybe 100 or 200 in the game that still MAKES THEM VERY COOL! I started in January 3rd, 2009 I actually thought that they were rugs at first but now, I get it thanks for reading!

218 Rare Bunny Hat

Bunny hats on other animals everybody will think you are a bunny if your a seal

I added this. I have one and I really want to know wether it is really rare, rare, ot a bad rare. I don't know what number it should go on this list but yeah...

219 Cream Beard V 1 Comment
220 Non-Member Head Feather

I've heard that these are worth bad rare short wristbands, which in any case for non-member clothing, is a pretty big deal.

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