Top Ten Animal Jam Rares

Here are the top ten animaljam rares! :) Sorry if not accurate. There is also only one of each item in this list so for example I'm not going to list every color of the beards. Hope you enjoy!

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41 Eyeball Hat

The eyeball hat used to be a pretty rare beta. After it was re-sold though, its rarity dropped a lot. It definitely isn't as rare as it used to be, but the pink eyeball hat is pretty rare. The other colors aren't worth as much. - itz_izzy

You can get the eyeball hat on Halloween, but some are really rare especially rare eyeball hats.

What is it worth? My friend said she got one for a green rare spike, I traded it for one. Nobody accepted it though.

Beta is rarest. Magenta is quite good too, I got a howl plaque for one.

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42 Beta Porch Swing

Someone accidentally traded me one of these for a turquoise ring, I was stoked. she was all TRADE ME BACK! Please please please! Man, I don't do trade backs

Yo listen these ain't so beta they should stay RIGHT here I mean you can get this from the Forgotten Desert from the GREEN gems!

These are pretty beta. They were sold a coral cannons once but then the shop closed!

I traded mine for a brown beard, a red top hat, and rare nerd glasses.

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43 Spaceship Grey

Lol, the eagle adventure brought down everything... Can the remove some things from it? So that certain items that aren't in it become to rare?

This is incredibly rare. You can only win it from the Forgotten Desert. Visit my den and gift me at wacko77

An incredibly rare wallpaper beta. Rumored to be worth two long black spikes.

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44 Rare Wrist Band

I want one people wont trade not even for a head dress

I will trade for a headdress I'm dogs997

I know that a lot of people want this. My opinon is that I rather have a rare black spike collar. I'm just not in the mood for a wrist band

Got a short pink, any offers?

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45 Rare Green Spike

Nu they not the least rarest, yellows are the least rare

NOTES: 1. The pinks are least rarest, then yellow, then green. 2. I used to have one but it got scammed

This one is the least rare out of them all

Second least rarest after orange

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46 Beta Blanket

There pretty rare although they released a different version

These are super rare! This list is just no...,.

I had a camis frog and I was doing attempts. Someone offered me a "beta" blanket. I said no, but then they said, that's beta. I said yes, (to think they were talking about my camis frog) and then I went to my shiveer to see if the one they offered was really beta. And when I looked, I saw the EXACT same blanket in stores!

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47 Spike

I have a non-rare spike but now they went out of stores so everyone is trying to get 1 and go up to them and they are like "what for the spike" and I'm like "its not for trade people"

Spikes are not rare anymore you can get them in adventures

I have a non-rare old diamond shop spike

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48 Glitch Ring

I thought people say it's the rarest item ever?

There not rare there non member

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49 Snowflake Cape

Guys stop pouting She put this in 37th place because it's not rare.

They might have rare sign, but no one really wants one...

I have this I HAD two but someone traded and they traded a rare green spiked collar. so it is sorta rare.

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50 Black Tiki Mask

Rarer then no. 35 that's for sure

I have 82 of these

51 Black Worn Blanket

There is this girl who is anoying and jealous of me for being rare and nice and trying to help buddies she doesn't know how to be nice she brags too I don't like her she is so mean she makes everybody feel bad I wish she could get banned (nothing to do with items)

I used to have one... I traded it for a black rare bow and arrow and I now regret it.

I hate this rare if you meet Julian2 attack him with your bows and swords make him feel bad

These are quite good, but you cab win them in adventures

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52 Rare Gazelle Horns

I have these!

53 Necklace

I just wanted to clear a few things up. Beta does NOT mean rare! So yes necklaces ARE beta, but they are NOT worth 10 spikes! Spikes may not be rare anymore, but they're STILL rarer than necklaces! Whoever put necklace on this list is probably a troll. Also necklaces don't look good on half of the animals.

GUYS, Necklaces are NOT the least rare item! One thing is that there beta, but still, the most non rare item is the cool banner! Their only 25 gems!

Necklace? The beta one? Wow. Really? They are 45 gems and in stores. Why waste rates for this?

To me these are rare.. Because nobody buys them only nms and me. I bought all the necklaces JUST IN CASE THEY GET RARE.

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54 Rare Halo (Black)
55 Glitched Rings

I have heard they are worth 12 black longs! They are super rare and almost no one has one.

Glitched Rings should be in at the LEAST top three. From watching Aparri's video, I can conclude they are fairly worth three rare black long spike collar, and a nonrare headdress.

People. Silver rings r not beta. Look it up on Wikipedia. gotta know your items

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56 Beta Elf Tail

Well not many jammers on animaljam have it people barely see them... I think they are very rare!

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57 Non-Member Pirate Sword

I have one and they're really rare and hard to get. It took me a while to get one and I traded a den beta for it.

Not rare at all. Play return of the phantoms hard mode 3 times and will probably get one

Someone actually traded me 4 rare spikes for this - Leaftail

Wow I have like 5 of them

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58 Heart Lava Lamp

This lamp is beautiful and I think that it's a great added item to the game. I recently got it as a prize from a fashion show and think it looks very pretty in my den.

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59 Nerd Glasses

I have nerd glasses after I got scammed twice and a guy wished me good luck

I have rare nerd glasses, SO MUCH TRADING!

I like nerd glasses

Please help me get one my user is Herabrine.I think it would look good with a Jamaliday Scarf on my otter

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60 Princess Bed

Along with the Race Car bed, Toilet, and the weight bench, this item was also deleted. This was due to Mating and stuff like that. I see why they've deleted it!

Stupid mating people! But I made a fake bed I call it instead of bed "catnap blanket"! I just bought a lot of pillows and two chairs

There's a princess bed? never heard of it man. what does it look like?

Should be higher on the list saying it was never released

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