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61 Princess Bed

Along with the Race Car bed, Toilet, and the weight bench, this item was also deleted. This was due to Mating and stuff like that. I see why they've deleted it!

There's a princess bed? never heard of it man. what does it look like?

Should be higher on the list saying it was never released

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62 Rare Friendship Hat

Um, why? This was just a Rare Item Monday. This was probably put on the list by someone with this item trying to convince people it's worth something. IT'S WORTHLESS!

Why the heck is this on this list?

63 RC Car

I have one of these and people are ALWAYS trading for it, user is dembinski on aj.

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64 Glitched Yeti Mask

My friend used to have 1. Someone traded her a rare spike for the yeti mask and she accepted.

I have one, someone said they are worth a den beta.

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65 Long Bow

They are worth I think three or four diamonds though, that makes it the smallest bit rarer

Used to be SUPER RARE but then came out in the diamond shop. I got mine legit thou

You can get them for about 3 diamonds in the diamond shop

I got 4 of them so far from The Forgotten Desert

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66 Non-Member Bow

You can't find it in stores and there are billions of rare bows.

I have all the rares and the non rare bows and arrows

I have 8 of them and they are not THAT rare. They come out in Jamaaildays and the rare bow comes from adventures.

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67 Golden Spike

All spikes are cool I think they should bring them back to animal jam I just got mine the other day and now a lot of people want them bring them back

Golden spike eh well its one color, I think it should be rare also same with the silver because its one color

I had one I traded it for a pink and blue one I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS RARE!

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68 Mech Angel Helmet

I traded for it for tons of rares and they did not accept

I personally think this should be in the top 10.

Really good, deserves to be about 48

I Looked how much it was worth to recycle and it said 75 gems.

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69 Chocolate Fountain V 1 Comment
70 Head Feather

Rare head feather worth RC car that it nothing else...

There aren't in stores. I get good trades for them

I have one and is it worth a beta or a spike?

You get them in the store and adventures

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71 Tan Carpet

People scam so look if there is a member sign on it if not it's a tan carpet

Worth Any Long Collar. people Decline because They don't Know It.

Got one today for yellow short wrist, rarest floor bea

I have been trying to get one of those for a while...

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72 Black Top Hat

I have this black top hat. It looks great with everything like the founder. And it's different from other top hats since it one color. Even though the eagle adventure brought everything down, you can still get good stuff for it. I got rare spikes for it.

I think that top hats are pretty rare I traded my fox hat and open sign for it and you rarely see people with top hats

People really want a black top hat. Since the Top Hats sold out people have been going CRAZY for top hats.

Top hats are awesome

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73 Flower Carpet

I own one, it looks pretty awesome in the Small Den. You guys should try it! I made a nature resort with it.

I own a flower carpet but its not for trade.

These are beta and they give a super cool look to your den
- Smores

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74 Black Beard

I have one now and it makes me sad to see how much they have fallen in the ranks...

And I have 16 spikes ust saying in case anyone wanted to trade

I just got one from a eagle adventure

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75 Arctic Wolf Pet

There is a glitch where you can get one if you click pets then create new pet!

I think this pet is cute. I don't know how people get it

In the diamond shop or in shops for 400 gems

Its not a glitch anymore.

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76 Light Pink Headdress

I have one, people offer necklaces and say they are beta. I can't believe it! If you want it I am furry359 If I am not wearing it, I traded it away.

This light pink headdress is VERY VERY VERY rare people trade for BLACK longs for them I really want 1 one day

Umm excuse me. But you do realize this the rarest headdress in the game right. You put it as 66.

This is really overrated.

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77 Top Hat

Top hat's are beta there are many colours and many rare one's they are hard to get.

Someone Trading me a Majenta Eye ball for a top hat I ACEPTED of Course!
Then I got 2 more top Hats Well what should I do know AjHQ? Any ideas ANYONE?

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78 Black Tuxedo

Umm Tuxedos come every year from the Opposite Day Party I Think Or April Fools So It's Not Rare because my friend Has one...

People keep on asking for it I have not seen one anywhere

I have a black tuxedo jacket from epic wonders?

I have one, I use it for my Slenderman deer

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79 Diamond Necklace

I quite like the diamond necklaces, even know their quite girly, they look nice on all animals!

Not rare at all still in the shops

I love them but how are they on this list in the first place u can buy then in epic wonders :l

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80 Light Purple Gazelle Horns

Coming in second place for this top ten list would have to be the light purple gazelle horns! There are many other types of gazelle horns like the rare gazelle horns and scary antlers but the light purple gazelle horns are coming in second in this list with only 2-3 people known to have them. - itz_izzy

Are you sure these are rare? I have some that I got in the first seven seconds of membership

These are in stores now but once they were not in stores they were worth a lot I tihnk I'm my response this was one of the rarest items until it came out in stores

Used to be SUPER RARE but then came to stores

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